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SMLE Unit disk help needed

Article about: I've recently put down money on SMLE No1 Mk III, L.S.A 1916 and need help identifying the unit markings on the ID Disk. "ED 159" Google has been no help, though I found this handy

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    Default SMLE Unit disk help needed

    I've recently put down money on SMLE No1 Mk III, L.S.A 1916 and need help identifying the unit markings on the ID Disk.

    "ED 159" Google has been no help, though I found this handy list British and Dominion Armies – Glossary and Abbreviations that may be useful to someone else.

    SMLE Unit disk help needed
    SMLE Unit disk help needed

    Could anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Have a look at this site, not had time to look through for you as busy but it may help

    Unit/Regiment Markings

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    Great site! Bookmarked for future reference, alas nothing about "ED"

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    I suspect this is a later addition as its not to the normal format. Its most probably a local marking, after the brass marking discs became obsolete most armouries marked their rifles in some way with an individual number rather than use the serial.

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    Very interesting! I have a SMLE relic thats been hanging on the wall for years, and never gave that little disc a second look.
    I know where this rifle was found; it was dugg up in 1999 in the village called Boezinge, not far from Ypres. It was 3 meters deep, way to deep for any normal detector, but there was contruction going on there (new industrial zone), and the big escavators had removed 2 meters of the top soil.
    Loads of relics were found, untill some diggers found graves and the whole area was sealed of.
    Any way, I have this SMLE from that site, still with the bayonet fixed.
    Does the disc also have information about its origin?
    Attached Images Attached Images SMLE Unit disk help needed SMLE Unit disk help needed 

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    25 Company Royal Engineers rifle 139, no idea of the T

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    Just had a look and 25 Company were a wireless company so perhaps the T is an abbreviated WT for Wireless Telegraphy?

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    Just cleaned it up a little, and it appears to be 225 instead of 25. Could the T stand for troop?
    Could even be a Tunnelling Companies RE! Im searching the net myself now, very interesting. And Ive had that rifle hanging here for years, and never thought of looking at the disc!

    225th 'Stockton-on-Tees'

    39th Division from November 1915. Raised in Marton Hall, Yorkshire??

    The Field Companies RE of 1914-1918

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    A thought occurs, maybe it's an inventory number, ED standing for Enfield, 159 being the rifle inventory number?

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    I'm no expert but the T is unlikely to be troop as that would appear lower down the disc. The T will be part of the RE. Perhaps for Tees but probably not. Send an email to one of the engineers museums, they will likely have a better idea.

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