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Some pics : Mein Panzerfaust.

Article about: Purists will recoil ( groan ! ) at this, but I'm pleased...... The story starts at Beltring way back when in 2001 or 2002 ; a German dealer had a pile of Panzerfaust tubes ( supposedly 'foun

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    Quote by Dean View Post
    if it were mine, I might age the head a bit.
    I agree, and I may yet have a go at it. My excuse is that the postie only delivered it this morning..!

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    Hehe, I understand I would want post it straight away too. Id like to see the finished product, when you are done.

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    You kept that quiet mate, you will have to tell me more when your next at the museum.

    All you need now is an original tail with fins and an end cap. I know a man who may have some, but the tails are missing their fins, these are mine.


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    Hmmm...there's always something else !

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    A bit rough but original

    WW2 German Relic Panzerfaust 60 | eBay

    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Quote by Dean View Post
    I think it looks okay, although, if it were mine, I might age the head a bit. Here's one my great uncle has..
    what vehicle is that??

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    VW-Schwimmwagen type 166.

    Cheers, Ade.

    PS: I think you have done well Martin.
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    A little more 'work in progress' for my cheapo Panzerfaust - thanks to the eagle eye of a friend and fellow Forum member who picked up a relic base-cup for the warhead on e-bay for 10. It was very rusty, but a bit of fettling with a coarse file and all three parts fitted like a glove.....

    Some pics : Mein Panzerfaust.

    Some pics : Mein Panzerfaust.

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    Did not take you long to get the pictures loaded. That now looks very nice indeed, glad I could help.


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    Nice Panzerfaust, the head is a little too new, but its better to have this one than no one.
    A pic of mine (deact) in the crate.
    Best regards from Alsace , France.

    Some pics : Mein Panzerfaust.

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