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Some pics : Mein Panzerfaust.

Article about: Purists will recoil ( groan ! ) at this, but I'm pleased...... The story starts at Beltring way back when in 2001 or 2002 ; a German dealer had a pile of Panzerfaust tubes ( supposedly 'foun

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    Red face Some pics : Mein Panzerfaust.

    Purists will recoil ( groan ! ) at this, but I'm pleased......

    The story starts at Beltring way back when in 2001 or 2002 ; a German dealer had a pile of Panzerfaust tubes ( supposedly 'found in a lake' ) for 10 each ( those were the days, eh ? ) so I rummaged through the pile and found one with a trigger. The rusty tube has stood in a corner for over ten years - I've seen Panzerfaust heads at various fairs over the years but they all seem like a) fake b) totally rusted out c) very expensive indeed.

    For some reason I was browsing the web just lately and found the repro ones from ZiB Militaria in Germany. Not too much money, so I sent off for one and here's the result. OK, it's not for the serious collector but for me it's a fairly cheap display item and I rather like it.....

    I'm now on the lookout for a knocked-out T-34 to complete the display

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    10 a tube? Wish I had been more interested back then. Great looking display, the tube looks very solid for a relic. Nice one

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    Red face

    Quote by Spitace41 View Post
    10 a tube?
    Yeah - as so often, I wish now I'd bought the lot !

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    They make prehistoric skulls up from a few pieces of bone and add the rest in resin to complete the effect - why not do the same with a relic?

    I say BRAVO, WELL DONE!!!

    Cheers, Dan
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    I'd actually started by looking around for the replica wooden heads made, IIRC, in Poland - but couldn't find any. When the head arrived from Germany, it actually looks and feels better than I expected. The body and base tube seem to be cast in resin but the frontal part is formed from alloy plate and is actually hollow. I don't like having any repro stuff, but thought I'd make an exception for this......

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    Hello Martin,
    Well as you live in London, as do I. If your not busy today whilst everyone is watching the Lord Mayor's Show we could "relocate" that abandoned T34 in Bermondsey just off the Old Kent Road.
    I am sure no one will miss it!
    Great looking Panzerfaust, great story behind it.

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    Very nice, I have a panzerfaust in a similar condition (although I think yours is slightly better - My relic Panzerfaust). I have had the same problem as you in trying to locate something to stick in the end that looks good and is a decent price. I hadn't heard of ZiB militaria - I'm quite taken by the unfinished model, mainly because of the price, and aging it a bit. I will have to have a think and then ask Father Christmas! - Your store for rare militaria at reasonable pricing

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    In France, we have this

    You can buy a head of panzerfaust new frrom factory or in ground condition.

    - - ------- - -

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    I think it looks okay, although, if it were mine, I might age the head a bit. Here's one my great uncle has..
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Some pics : Mein Panzerfaust.  

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