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some ww2 rifles

Article about: hi you also know that Johnson also work with stoner on the AR , if you see the bolt on a Johnson and the bolt of an AR there very close. also Johnson took a carbine and sleeve the barrel, to

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    Default some ww2 rifles

    some ww2 riflessome ww2 riflessome ww2 riflessome ww2 rifles
    1941 Johnson
    m1d Garand made 1942 ,1952 made into M1D ,1969 overhaul
    M1 Carbine early 1943
    1903a3 1943

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    Default Re: some ww2 rifles

    You have an M41 Johnson!

    If you get the time, would you mind posting some more photos of it? I would love to know how it loads and operates.

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    Default Re: some ww2 rifles

    Nice! I particularly like the Johnson rifle and M1D - Great group.

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    Default Re: some ww2 rifles

    I will take more pictures , and post them .it loads with a striper clip or one at time by hand up to 10 rnds .click on the picture you should be able to enlarge it .she shoot nice easy trigger ,easy to clean . sweet rifle . Thanks
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    Default Re: some ww2 rifles

    Yeah I like the Johnson myself rap57. Have read about them in the past but I do not know how many were produced. In any event you have a scarcer rifle than the Garand. Thanks for showing

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    Default Re: some ww2 rifles

    Thanks everybody. I have to say, that what I have ,does not even compare to what I 've seen on this site .A mint trench gun ,colt 45 , 1928a1, Blows me away .And the German stuff ,I could only wish . I like to say Thanks. You guys are the caretakers of history .

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    Default Re: some ww2 rifles

    Very nice collection!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!
    COL, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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    Default Re: some ww2 rifles

    Yes! I agree! Great items. I love the rifle. Is it a paratrooper type?

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    Default Re: some ww2 rifles

    Very nice rifles! congratz


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    Default Re: some ww2 rifles

    Hi Dean
    I'm not sure which rifle you mean . The 1941 the barrel can be remove . the carbine ,no folding stock . when I get time I will take better pictures of the 41
    Thanks Bob

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