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Soviet Infantry weapons collection

Article about: Hi Guys, I though that you might be interested to see some of my WW2 Soviet Infantry weapons? It is my ambition to try and obtain one of each weapon This is a long term project As I live in

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    Default Re: Soviet Infantry weapons collection

    Here are all my Soviet Weapons: PPSH dated 1941, Nagant revolver dated 1932, Mosin Nagant dated 1943:
    Soviet Infantry weapons collection
    Best Regards

    Vegard T.
    Looking for militaria from HKB 31./977, HKB 32./977, HKB 38./977 or militaria related to Norway

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    Desert Fox

    Default Re: Soviet Infantry weapons collection

    Congratulations on acquiring such a wide array of beautiful equipment! I myself have a 1939 Tula-manufacture Mosin-Nagant M-91/30 that I use for deer hunting. A great rifle and a joy to take care of!

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    The only SMG your missing is a PPD 31-33 I believe - Great Collection here in the U.S. there all cut to pieces. I so wish we could have intact non firing collector guns of the SMG verity.

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    what date is your Maxim HMG ? great collection !

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    My Maxim M1910 is dated 1944.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Guys, awesome firearms in this thread!! Ade, your PTRS Anti-tank Rifle is just great. I have never personally held one, but it was nice to see all the necessary views in your photos.

    16225- welcome to the forum and thanks for showing the PPS42

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    lovely collection Aide , im a big fan of the SVT40 and the PPSh 41, gorgeous weapons!

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    I must say Aide just spotted your thread,your collection has top marks with me,man after my own heart, great taste, ditto with collecting one of each till completed,will post thread with my collection soon,first class mate,Dave

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    Default Re: Soviet Infantry weapons collection

    hi Ade, I admire your willingness and ability to share your collection of soviet weaponry. Do you have the tokarov rifle with the sniper notch and the correct Tula armory optic and mount.i have such a Tula sniper rifle dated 1942 with the all correct optic and mount but i lack the sniper notch key which holds the optic mount in place. Any ideas on how to find one even a replica.I acquired today a gas adjustment tool which appears old but is stamped SA. i suspect a Finnish import at some point of time. on another topic, i have a serious collector friend who is looking for a sniper like mine but without success.He is also looking for a used but good replacement barrel for a tula svt 40. Any thoughts that you may have would be much appreciated. I have valued your responses to my my past posts. thank you john

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    Hi John, sadly I don't have sniper SVT40.

    You are correct about the tool being ex Finnish capture.

    I cannot help on the parts issue. Barrels are a restricted item here in the UK as it is a semi auto weapon.

    Cheers, Ade.
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