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ss stamped k98 rifle

Article about: Hi, the barrell has a different number on it also shouldn't a 1940 rifle have a cleaning rod and bayonet attachment? Mine hasn't. I know towards the end of the war they were made without the

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    Default ss stamped k98 rifle

    Hi there I've just picked up this 1940 k98 and wondered what you think? Its got a ss and rzm stamp on it.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ss stamped k98 rifle   ss stamped k98 rifle  

    ss stamped k98 rifle   ss stamped k98 rifle  

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    Default Re: ss stamped k98 rifle

    hi looks nice where on the stock are the stamps they look small?
    Did you find them when you got home ? nice suprise.

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    Default Re: ss stamped k98 rifle

    interesting stamps,,but if it would be better to have be received from the returning vet,,,

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    Default Re: ss stamped k98 rifle

    Looks like a Russian refurb to me!

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    Default Re: ss stamped k98 rifle

    Iwould say these have been added by fakers.

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    Default Re: ss stamped k98 rifle

    yes ,,,rifle is a russina refurb,,,

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    Default Re: ss stamped k98 rifle

    I thought it was a russian capture as alot of the ss units fought on the eastern front. The stamps are back towards the butt just behind where the sling goes through. I have seen photos of other k98's with ss stamps on, but obviously some people say they're fake and some don't. I didn't notice them when i bought it! Thanks for replying everyone.

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    Default Re: ss stamped k98 rifle

    is rusian refurb a bad thing? i thought it would add tto the history since you know where it has been and what has happened to it.
    or is it just a point of vue thing?

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    Default Re: ss stamped k98 rifle

    You have a J.P. Sauer and Sohn, K98 there, naturally made in 1940. The X above the serial number almost certainly reveals this was a Russian "capture". There is bad information floating out there on Russian captures. Some try to say they are all parts guns. This is untrue. If a Russian soldier shot and killed a German soldier, then picked the germans K98 up, there is no reason to rearsenal it. I have an all matching BYF "42" Russian capture. If the serial number of your gun matchs the barrel, ring and stock, the SS marks are a fake. If the serial doesn't match the stock, there is an outside chance you have a rifle that got a replacement SS stock. I'm with Andy, I like the idea of knowing the Russians captured my gun. It gives me more info than I have on my other rifles. So Andy, in my point of view, a Russian capture is definitley not a bad thing!

    Take care,

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    Default Re: ss stamped k98 rifle

    Hi Jay
    thanks for that i think it ads somthig to the story as it were. i was tempted by the P38s that came on the market not so long back they had the same story and i thought they were nice but they seem to go for a little less than a stock German one

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