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sten gun

Article about: by frenchy Mick i understand your point and i agree that it would piss me off if i could not fire it Then prepare to be pissed off Frenchy

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    Quote by frenchy View Post
    Mick i understand your point and i agree that it would piss me off if i could not fire it
    Then prepare to be pissed off Frenchy

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    Quote by Mick View Post
    Then prepare to be pissed off Frenchy
    No problem Mick you made my night i wasn't expecting that answer and it made me laugh .
    By the way where are you from in Canada ?

    take care
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    Saskatchewan, home of SaskSten !

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    Mike, like the OP I live in Canada too. The sten guns advertised at the link I gave are classed as full auto in the US but not in Canada. Any Canadian with a firearm certificate can own one.

    Wow those sten's on the site you provided are NICE! It appears that the semi auto version is pretty easy for you folks up north to pick up. Hey if a person can legally own one I say go for it. The reference I was making was about a fella I knew that built a full auto version out of a parts kit, That will get a person some federal prison time here down south. I'd imagine it would up there too. The amazing thing about the one that he build was that it worked, He was a coworker at a gunshop I worked part time at. The one he made worked! And it worked well. The really strange twist to this story is that several police officers frequented the shop and they would shoot it too. Strange gun shop to be sure, They had another rifle there that was semi auto, but if you pulled the trigger a little farther back it would shoot full auto all day. I decided that having a part time job at that place might not be the best thing for me to do because somewhere along the line something would go wrong. In fact a couple of years ago, there was a burglary at that shop and although I don't know details they were looking at all former employees as suspects. I'm guessing who ever it was must have known the alarm code and that led to suspect former employees. I've been paranoid ever since. Illegal weapons, cops and inside jobs..... I'm glad I left that place early on.


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    Glad you like the site Mike, it's owned by someone I know rather well.
    They don't seem to put people in prison up here for having unauthorised full autos but they will confiscate them if they have to. I actually don't think the powers that be are bothered about it as long as people don't rub it in. That being said the way the law is here, if a gun can be easily converted to full auto then it is a full auto, but as all semi automatics can be easily converted to full auto it makes anyone owning a semi auto guilty of possing a full auto according to the law Stens on linked website ( did you watch the video ? ) were converted to full auto by the RCMP yet they were approved with very minor modification when the owner challenged them in court.

    I was paranoid about the cops myself until I came to Saskatchewan, now I'm as laid back as everyone else.

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