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Sten Gun Mk1*

Article about: This is a hand built replica of the second version of the Mk1 Sten gun, this was the first attempt to simplify the production time, and reduce costs. The total Mk1 production was undertaken

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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    No longer listed from what I can see?

    Cheers, Ade.
    It is still there, the seller has avoided using certain words to avoid getting the attention of ebays staff which makes it a little bit difficult to find

    GB ww2 battlefield Relic D-Day / Normandy | eBay

    Sten Gun Mk1*

    Sten Gun Mk1*



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    its under this number on ebay its still on there as of this morning 330720999352 thats the ebay number

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    Not too bad. Could still make a nice wallhanger where allowed.

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    iam suprise it has not been taken off yet,hell last month i listed a luger lamp it was taken off real quick heck it was made of cast,go figure the people at ebay,some get throw others dont

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