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Sten mk11

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    Default Sten mk11


    I have just retrieved my sten mk11 out of the attic, it is a early deact and can be completely dry fired.
    Completely original and has not been touched up or re painted.

    I cannot find the certificate, however it has the deact stamp ect.

    If anyone is interested then let me know and I will add photos.


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    Default Re: Sten mk11

    Photos would be great to see. How long have you had it?

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    Default Re: Sten mk11


    I have had it since the mid 1980s

    I will post photos in the next hour


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    Default Re: Sten mk11

    Ill wait here lol Cheers Terry.

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    Default Re: Sten mk11

    Sten mk11Sten mk11Sten mk11Sten mk11Sten mk11Sten mk11Sten mk11Sten mk11Sten mk11Sten mk11Here are some photos.


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    Default Re: Sten mk11

    NIce - thanks for posting!

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    Default Re: Sten mk11

    Looks good! I have always loved Sten's! Thanks for sharing!

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    Default Re: Sten mk11

    I am planning to sell the gun.

    Any idea regarding price please

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    Default Re: Sten mk11

    shame its been in the atic and got rusty,,that will lower its value
    good condition mk2 old spec are about 700.50--800 but i think this one will be about 100 lower due to rust
    you should have looked after it a bit better IE,,, OIL ---
    cheers ian

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    Default Re: Sten mk11

    I know but to be honest I forgot about it.

    The bolt action and spring is sound and smooth, especially now I have oiled it! Thanks for your help.

    If I get 600 for it I will be happy, it looks better in the flesh.

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