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Article about: It's hard to tell, but no more dects for me, not any more gents. This sten has broke my hart. I'm done. I better collect modern tram tickets. At list one can have fun with numbers on them.

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    Quote by Walkwolf View Post
    You mean they don't have a Sten already ? They seem
    to have everything else.........!
    Nope they don't , it's hard for them to get an allied item. The US MGs and Tompsons you can see are lend-liase items . They already asking me, to get a bren and they are ready to pay for it. But I'm not sure yet, have to check the paperwork first.

    the Lanchester is a gift , can't recall whom is it from

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    [QUOTE=ph3s;484096]Right, thank you gents. No more stens then. There is no way I'm paying 600 quit for an old deact. I think it's a hogwash. As well as this one tho.[QUOTE]

    Is it suposed to be old spec? Because its a post 1995 new spec, I hope you didn't pay 600 for it, its only worth between 250 and 300.

    It looks like it could be one of the North Coast armouries deacs, if it is, you will find the barrel pinned in the slot where the lock pin for the mag well slides in the tube, they did it by rotating the mag housing and pulling it back along the tube exposing that area. They then weld in a pin and rotate the housing so the mag well is 180 degrees out and weld the face of the barrel to the barrel bushing.

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    Wheres this museum that cant get a Sten gun?

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