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stg44 parts

Article about: So, I'm obsessed with the stg44, lol......and since I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to own one,(who has an extra\\$25-40 grand just laying around) I've been collecting wartime Kurtz rounds

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    Quote by hassiman View Post
    When we went into Afghanistan a storage locker was found that contained approx. 5000 mint STG44s. No word on what became of them or how they came to be there.
    those turned up in Syria actually Free Syrian Army captures 5000 STG44s | Armory Blog

    with video! 5,000 StG44's Captured By Syrian Rebels In The City Of Aleppo - YouTube

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    there Is a company in Germany that has supposed original sight hoods pm me I will look for it for you, you could try

    recon has all repro's gb has stuff time to time, but the bidding is fierce, same with e-bay. you are not alone

    I m looking for a receiver front end condition is not a concern, even damaged except if its rusted out

    here is one of the kits I picked up recently, It will stay like this for a future semi build or amnesty

    second one is having its cut trunnion removed and a uncut one replaced for my semi auto
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture stg44 parts  
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    I've got a cut rec 44 in my collection.
    Here it is - at the top - along with my good 44s (MP 43, MP 44 u. StG 44) and a bunch of spare parts. All are shooters.
    stg44 parts

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    I did see an original on Craigslist for $5k, but no paperwork. Mandatory jail time if you get caught!!

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