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Sturmgewehr 44

Article about: Hi guys! Long time no see, it's been a while since I've been looking to get myself something, and since this opportunity came along I wouldn't mind showing it off to you before I'll make a d

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    Default Re: Sturmgewehr 44

    Whats this for a ugly Weld Spot?

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    Default Re: Sturmgewehr 44

    It will be part of the deact process. But it is very ugly.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: Sturmgewehr 44

    Thats retail price, there was one on D and B Militaria before Christmas for 2250, I would do so some serious haggling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Sturmgewehr 44

    I've been lucky enough to handle a few examples (all, thankfully unbutchered), and deact marks aside, it seems good to me.


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    Quote by DerStuermer View Post
    Whats this for a ugly Weld Spot?
    Agree, that's my main concern... I really don't want to get into any problems with the bolt on the rifle since I can't disassemble it.
    And yes, it does not look too good.

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    Default Re: Sturmgewehr 44

    You are right Joe. These things bring big buck. 20,000.00 or more is the going rate in live condition.
    I have a friend that was in Iraq and his unit came across a bunker with nazi marked crates. They were full of these Sturmgewehr 44's. They had orders to blow them up. I about cried when he told me this. How many $$$$ were Destroyed.


    Quote by GIZMO8Z View Post
    I think that officer's pricing was way out of whack. There was a deactivated one near me that sold within the last year for $5000. I've seen live ones priced at $15,000-$20,000
    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Default Re: Sturmgewehr 44

    Agreed, I have been offered $20,000 for my all matching 95% MP 44 witha mint barrel & 7 mags but would not sell it. I could never replace it

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    Default Re: Sturmgewehr 44

    That seems extraordinarily expensive for a decommissioned firearm.
    Especially one as commonly encountered as the MP44 - considering it was mass produced.
    They are particularly valuable in the US because of the 1968 cut off for MG's.
    However, parts kits here are going for over $3500 so, maybe your price is OK.
    I had my parts kit assembled around the Shoei replica receiver it is pretty cool for a non firing dummy.

    The old gal at the gun "hand-in" might have had still her husbands' 1968 registration papers and if he brought it home, she might also have had his capture papers. If it was a true bring-back "Curio and relic" status, with capture and amnesty papers, it would be a little more valuable than a regular transferable - not a great deal more.
    My Luger with capture papers sold for about a $1K more than an unpapered similar example - but it all depends on the market, this is not a hugely active market and it goes up and down with the economy.

    Her husband could also have been an MG collector who simply owned it legally, and died.


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    Default Re: Sturmgewehr 44

    Do you consider 400 000 as mass production?

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    Default Re: Sturmgewehr 44

    I saw a pistol today of which a grand total of 15 were made (a Lahti m35 Artillery barrel length with wooden stock)-400,000 is definitely mass produced in 2 years.

    And I wonder if the Iraqi MP44s were found next to a bunch of crated Spitfires...

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