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These just don't walk into my shop..

Article about: Cody: Could you please explain what you mean by "shooters kit?" Thanks. Luke

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    Wow, that's certainly a great buy, especially with the story behind it. Very nice rifle.

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    Nice G-43 K-43 I have owned a couple of them back in the day 76 to 79 buy them at Tulsa GS 450 to 500 was what I gave both were duv 44 models they are prone to jamming a good recoil spring will help this. Good rifle and would shoot great. If you wanted to but at the price of them today's ridicilous market I don't think I would. timothy

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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    The G41 was not the best of designs in the first place. It suffered from the WaA's early dislike of gas operated weapons (they thought drilled gas ports would affect accuracy). The K43 was a much better weapon, given it copied the Soviet SVT40's gas system.

    Breakges were not an issue 70 odd years ago, but now they are a problem. As Pit has already mentioned, K43 springs should be replaced if you plan on shooting one today.

    Cheers, Ade.
    Many thanks for the reply Ade. G-41 is certainly an interesting looking rifle with that muzzle but agree it was not the best design. Love to have one of either but not so sure I would care to fire them. Have heard of Shooters Kit though. Again thanks for info.

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    I still need to pick up Hitler's Garand. One of those books every collector should have in their collection. I still need some more mags.

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    Quote by NDShooter View Post
    I still need to pick up Hitler's Garand. One of those books every collector should have in their collection. I still need some more mags.
    Got my copy of Backbone of the Wehrmacht off Amazon for fifty bucks. Believe they have Hitlers Garands. Just thought I would mention.

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    Great buy! What a beauty!

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    Can anyone help me finding information on the serial number of this rifle. I'm trying to zero this rifle in when it was produced.

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    qve was the late war code for the BLM factory - the Weaver book says the "e" block rifles were made in the last five months of the war - often with left over barrels or action covers - if you get me the barrel number we can check on this as the different barrels are also listed.

    They were being produced into the first two weeks of April 1945 - interestingly his book says that by this stage in the war rifles for the Volkssturm were not an issue, but ammunition was.
    Anyway the Allies arrived around about this time and the rest is history.

    FYI - I think the letter is a lazy "e" - but the "e" and "k" are quite similar.
    Below is a study in letter codes by the ATF.

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    a short story---
    I know a guy who lives just up the road from me who has
    a high turret mount sniper rifle with scope. It is named to
    a SS sniper and there is documents of where, when and how it
    was found.

    He had it at a local gun show with what I thought was an insanely
    high price tag (I'm not a gun guy) I posted what I saw on another
    forum and within an hour I had a person PMing me with a request
    for more information. After a couple phone calls, the guy still owns
    the gun and turned down an offer that was over and above what I
    paid for my Harley.

    It amazes me what these things can be worth.
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

    I was addicted to the "Hokey-Pokey" but I've turned
    myself around.

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    Docs or not, an original high turret sniper is between $10K and $15K - supply and demand dictates this.

    Here are the letter codes, as promised.

    These just don't walk into my shop..

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