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Thompson M1A1

Article about: Hi Guys, this one is not actually mine, but a friend allowed me to take some pics to share with you. The M1A1 came out of Russia and was sent there as "Lend-Lease" material but nev

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    Quote by Gary Cain View Post
    Hi Johnnie,

    Most of those German weapons were captured from the SS battalion the French had fighting for them in Vietnam in the 50's. They were completely equipped with German arms.

    that is 100% myth....

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    Quote by Johnnie View Post
    Hi Ade,

    Nice pics of a classic. Evidently there was a tremendous ammount of US small arms sent to the Russians under Lend Lease, but they don't seem to have had the front line use that American trucks and tanks did.
    Do your Russian sources indicate what use the Russians did make of them, and what became of them? I'm curious if they were part of their small arms refurbishing project of the 70's when they refurbished all the German capture and their own older small arms.

    i have seen online somewhere a photo of an enormous pile of thompsons rusting away, not sure where though, supposedly russia....

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    Here's the link to the arms dump - please don't blame me if you get upset.

    Arms Dump Index Page.

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    Check out the mg34's on page 17

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    Enough to make a grown man cry...........*sobs

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    f**k I wish I didnt click that link....

    what country are all them relic guns in?

    edit: nvm

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    It was a warehouse fire in Vietnam I believe. All gone now too.

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    Oh dear i wish I hadnt clicked on it as well,, all that weaponary gone forever, its criminal, Ade as an after thought what kind of decact was performed on the Thompson, old or new, was it done here or over there, and how do they do theirs

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    Hi Dave, these were imported into the UK as live section 5 firearms by the late Tony Budge of Ryton Arms. Then deactivated in the usual way, barrel slotted and pinned, bolt face cut at 45 degrees, etc.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    The weapons pictured are from East Asia as stated but they are being deactivated in accordance with the new UN mandate for disarmament. They have been stacked outside in the weather and soaked in a salt brine to produce rust. It's too bad but it doesn't matter. AK factories are producing at a fantastic rate. Taking up the slack. It does make me weep however....

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