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Thought I'd show my sniper rifles

Article about: When I grow up I want to be just like you! Seriously great collection.

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    Default Thought I'd show my sniper rifles

    I haven't posted any photos of my snipers here before so thought I would show them including the latest one I just picked that up last month. It is all matching, scope, mount, metal MkI scope case, transit chest and the rifle.
    It's the one with the transit chest and two scope cases, a metal MkI matching one and an extra MkII canvas case that came with it which I will use for the Trials sniper that has no scope case. The M1D is also a new one that I got a few months ago, it's still unfired as it came from the arsenal. It was one of the cmp 1997 lottery M1D rifles, RayG

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Enfield snipers-3.JPG 
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Name:	Enfield snipers-2.JPG 
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Name:	all snipers.JPG 
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Name:	Enfield snipers-1.JPG 
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Name:	all snipers-3.JPG 
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Name:	All sniper-2.JPG 
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    Default Re: Thought I'd show my sniper rifles

    magnificent collection there

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    Default Re: Thought I'd show my sniper rifles

    Awesome collection. The Enfield looks great with the original box and scope. Have you fired any? How do they handle?

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    Default Re: Thought I'd show my sniper rifles

    I agree with what the others have said truely fantastic collection, it must have taken a lot of time to put such a collection together, I especially like the Enfield rifles

    Thanks for showing


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    Default Re: Thought I'd show my sniper rifles

    Can not come up with enough adjectives for your incredible collection Ray. They are all in such fantastic condition. I've often wondered about accuracy with the SVT-40 beyond 300 yards. Have you ever fired the SVT at that distance or beyond? Thanks for posting.

    Take care,

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    Default Re: Thought I'd show my sniper rifles

    Thanks for the compliments gentlemen.
    I've shot all of them except the M1D and one of the 1903A4's which is an arsenal mint refurb, I am leaving them unfired as they came from the arsenal. I was tempted to fire them but for history sake I am going to leave them unfired.
    The Enfield "T"s are very accurate but I have only fired them at 100 yrds. The SVT's accuracy is very poor and I am working on trying different things to help improve it's accuracy.
    Sometimes it's just small things for example, the 91/30 which is a Vietnam bringback and was not grouping worth a darn. I tightened the trigger guard screws in what I was told was the proper sequence which was, first the front one then stand the rifle up on the butt and bang the butt on the floor to fully seat the action in the rear of the stock then tighten the back screw and the front one will tighten a little more. That procedure improved the groups considerable. I reload and fire cast bullets in all the bolt guns. Cast bullets are challenging to find an accurate load and are mild so they don't put much stress or wear on the rifles.

    If anyones interested, I put most of my collection on the US Military forum a while ago. Chick here if you care look at it, My mannequin displays - U.S. Militaria Forum
    Last edited by RayG; 09-08-2010 at 10:17 PM.

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    Default Re: Thought I'd show my sniper rifles

    I often wondered what the Russians were thinking when they put a scope on the SVT. The accuracy shooting mine sandbagged with iron sights over 100 yards is atrocious. I looked at your link to U.S. Militaria. Your collection is absolutely breathtaking. Many years of loving care and collecting there Ray. That's truely a collection to be proud of. Thanks for the link.


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    Default Re: Thought I'd show my sniper rifles

    Wooow, what a collection you have. Thanks for sharing. So very interesting to peruse the pictures and to see how many decades it spans.

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    Default Re: Thought I'd show my sniper rifles

    Thought I'd post my latest finds in my sniper thread as I'm really happy with them.
    First is a nice Scout Regiment scope that I needed to complete the chest kit of the "T" sniper I just got, (last photo). The photo shows the rifle with two scope cases as that is what came with it when purchased, but the canvas case will go with my Trials "T" which is also shown, (1st photo).
    The other chest has a GS signal Telescope shown laying in front of the chest and which was also used but the Scout scope was more regulation.

    The telescope is in super excellent condition with almost all the blacking on the body still there. Most scopes have this blacking worn off with only brass showing. The leather scope case is close to unused condition also. The best part though was, At the same time I found a scarce "original short" manufactured tripod is not just a cut down longer tripod that most of the short tripods are, but it's an originally manufacturer short one. And as an extra find, the Tripod came with a super rare/scarce original carrying sling made for just for the short tripod and which is British Broad Arrow stamped.
    Not many collectors have ever seen an original short tripod much less the carrying strap for it. Both are super rare to find, Ray

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Scout scope- 4.JPG 
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ID:	156786Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Tripod-6.JPG 
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Name:	Tripod-1.JPG 
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ID:	156788

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    Default Re: Thought I'd show my sniper rifles

    Fantastic collection!!


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