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Tokarev TT33 made 1952

Article about: This is my Tokarev-hadn't looked that closely at it until I stripped it for cleaning last week and then I realised it had never been shot looking at the barrel and other internals-it was mad

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    Hi Lith,
    i saw a documentary on the type of firing you are talking about, and the 7.62 will go through kavlar easy.
    I think we should still have the 7.62 man stopper, better than what we have now the farty 5.56;

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    I whole heartedly agree with you Dave. The 5.56 is simply a utility round, at best, in my opinion. I want a round that's gonna leave my target DRT (Death Right There!) Military action today is usually up close and personal. You need a round that will give you quick, dependable kill shots. I'm glad to hear you can still shoot your weapons Lithgow, that's terrific, I thought you guys down under had lost that wonderful privilege.


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    I agree with you there guys having done my fair share of scrapping in Afghan.. you need a bigger round but what comes with bigger rounds is heavier kit & less rounds!!. With the amount of kit we used to carry add on some more weight & i think you will have a problem of the lads going down!!!The GPMG is an excellent bit of kit but it has to be depolyed with 2 men who move very slowly because of the weight/heat/ground/comms/confusion!!! where the Minium gun 5.56mm or its known as the LMG "not the Bren gun" that can be deployed by 1 man with a 100 round belt in a bag or magzines.. now that has the scare effect on the enemy when its working normally..So larger rounds are fine but bare a thought for the Infantry!!! lol thankd Guys just a thought.. Terry...

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    I had no idea that we could own pistols down here, shows what I know.. Maybe laws are different in Vic, but I'd love (you guessed it) a P08..

    Are you able to store these pistols at your home, or are they kept at a club?


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    Sent PM to you, Josh.

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    Cheers mate. Appreciated! Will check it out now!

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