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Took some guns out to photograph.

Article about: Please, can you give us pictures of the MG 42? It seems it is a post war.

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    Default Took some guns out to photograph.

    Decided to put the G41(m) into auction, and hauled out a couple of additional German automatics during the photographing.
    Found that red rust spots have invaded this safe (not the G41 - but nearly all the other mags had been hit), and so the afternoon was spent with oil and a rag.
    Here is some of the German collection.
    (FG is Japanese replica, MP40 with mag in is Japanese replica)

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    Default Re: Took some guns out to photograph.

    These mags have all suffered the dreaded rust bug and will now have to re-examine safe.

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    Default Re: Took some guns out to photograph.

    All very nice guns! - Love the German MGs's. Thanks for taking the
    trouble to photograph and post them. Rust can indeed be a pain.

    When you say the MP40 is a Japanese replica, do you
    mean a fully functioning weapon.........?


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    Default Re: Took some guns out to photograph.

    Thank you, Walkwolf,

    This was quick cell phone photography, and mainly about the G41(m).

    The FG42 is made by a company called Shoei - the main parts are made of a cast soft metal, it cannot fire - it is nice though.
    It has brass dummy rounds that cycle through it - in full auto it is open bolt, in semi it chambers the round with the bolt ending in the closed position.
    It was part of a trade, and I have kept it, I am a fan of the Grand Sasso raid (FG first type, I know, lol) story and the FG warrants a place in my collection replica or not, second type or not.

    The MP40 with the mag in place is a Tokyo Toy replica from the 60's - it is a cast metal, and heavier than the real MP40. I would not fire anything in it, and it was not intended to fire.

    Most of the rust has brushed off - I am pleased to say.

    None of the modern guns have been affected at all - but I stow the mags for those in another safe.
    Beats me.


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    Default Re: Took some guns out to photograph.

    I guess the 'Tokyo Toy Co.' was a forerunner to 'Replica Arms Inc.'
    of the 1970's, who made cast replicas of popular pistols and
    rifles from the 21st century.........


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    Default Re: Took some guns out to photograph.

    I don't know, perhaps.

    I had lots of replicas at one time, as I found more original items, I traded off the replicas.
    I have had the TT Mp40 for sale a long time, no one wants it, so it has stuck around, lol.


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    Default Re: Took some guns out to photograph.

    Are the MGs all fully functioning/full auto guns?

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    Default Re: Took some guns out to photograph.

    I must say I would never pile them on top of each other especially if you're having rust issues-it is contagious with contact. Some of the Japanese replicas are better made than the originals-saw a PPSh41 example a couple of years ago like that. There's a bloke in the south west of WA who hand makes replicas to order that strip/assemble, dry fire etc but they are pretty pricey.

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    Default Re: Took some guns out to photograph.

    Very nice collection indeed, is there a gun you haven't got yet that you are after? Jonathan.

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    Default Re: Took some guns out to photograph.


    I am circling some desirables - but they have become soooo expensive now, even in kit form.
    I will find them in trades, or buying out collections, it is sort of like archeology.
    But on the look out for:

    G41(w) - MG37(t) - MP43 - MKB42 - MP38 - MP41 - MP18 - MP28 - MP35
    Almost anything water-cooled - but the MG08 series, particularly interest me.
    A Mauser (t) model would be nice.
    I have moved my collection away from the regular bolt action Mausers as I do not agree with the prices they are demanding in light of what else is available.
    (I'm not paying the same for a massively produced imported rifle, as an MP40 kit, which has a huge neat factor attached, and interests me a lot more.)
    But I do like the G33/40 and the K98 sniper variants have great history.
    *I am not knocking any one else's collection, I am just not as interested in variations in codes and numbers on the same weapon, as I am in the richness of the trophy and where it might have served. I have friends with the collectors society here, who will get physically excited over a rare factory code, or obscure K98 variant - I like heavy metal.


    As you can imagine, the items in the pic are very furtively placed on each other, they may look scattered, but believe me I know every scratch in the woodwork, and don't want to add any - the guns were taken out to be oiled down, and stripped - this is the before photo, lol.


    The full auto guns do NOT operate as they once did - the semi automatics do.

    Thanks guys,
    I am a fairly recent collector, and still learning - which means making mistakes, love sites like this and being able to share all of your valuable experiences and knowledge.


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