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Trying to build an MP40.

Article about: Hi all currently trying to assemble a relic mp40, I only have this much so far but I still need the front barell and bakelite sidegrips. I can get the sidegrips on ebay, even repro ones if I

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    Quote by Gunny Hartmann View Post
    You're getting there mate and i'm sure a relic barrel nut will turn up!..
    one on ebay here from england

    Halbe Forest (Berlin) Battlefield Relic 40 Nut Paperweight Trench Art | eBay

    relic mp40 nut I think, just what I need .-)

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    Thats just what you need. I'm looking forward to seeing your completed relic MP40

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    Quote by robin morley View Post
    Thats just what you need. I'm looking forward to seeing your completed relic MP40
    theres a mp40 shoulder grip on ebay atm and the bakelite side grips ending tomorrow, the shoulder grip is waffenampt marked but the price is prob gonna be too high for me so

    edit: the seller on ebay told me the thread inside is intact so it should screw on ok .-)

    these are the bakelite bits im after:

    mp40 relic | eBay

    would this mean id have to glue them on somehow?

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    won the auction for mp40 side bakelite grips had to fight for them so they cost 45

    the relic nut cost just 1

    the barrel and ironsight bit $50 from lithuania,

    nearly there I think

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    Cannot wait to see it altogether!

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    ebay parts arrived today, cant get the relic nut to fully screw in though, nearly there...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Trying to build an MP40.   Trying to build an MP40.  

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    Maybe you have to gently remove some corrosion around the mp40 screw.
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    Thats looking really great, pleased to hear you managed to find the bits you needed.

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    Just how relic is that barrel? Is it clear? Does it have rifling? You should consider the legalities of what you are doing here. I'm not trying to spoil things for you, but you really need to be careful these days!
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    no rifling, blocked both ends .-)

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