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Type 53 chinese rifle?

Article about: anyone have info on type 53 chinese rifles? price guide how they handle anything i am looking into getting one but i wanna know what people think of them first

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    Quote by pitfighter View Post

    I wonder why Century felt the need to renovate my T53 1955?
    I like the look of yours much better

    Are you sure it was refurbished by Century, not someone else along the line? It seems unlikely IMHO that century would refurb a $89.99 rifle.
    That, and due to their low cost, Mosin Nagants are common items for “restorations”

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    Could be a home job - I don't know much about these.
    But based upon a 2 minute google search.
    It is probably a Navy arms (not Century arms) refinish, it has no import stamp, and is partially matching -
    Development, Usage, and Collecting the Chinese T-53 Mosin Nagant

    I guess Navy Arms brought in a lot of crappy Chicom MN rifles they figured they had to restore to sell.
    This is before the time of the Mosin Nagant collector, and likely pre well known $89.00 price tag.

    I was told these refurbs are not liked by collectors, the trader did say that - it was part of a bulk swap of MG gear - I often end up with things like this to get a few items I like.

    You guys would know more about this rifle than me - I have never owned a Chinese firearm before.

    As I mentioned this is not my thing, I collect German and Russian heavy metal, I will probably trade this for a PPsh magazine.

    Happy Holidays,


    OP - Taking out some of the MG's on the 29th - I can shoot some video of this shooting if it of any interest?
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    I'd love to see the video!!

    In the hierarchy of these types of rifles, the Type 53s are generally regarded as the bottom end. They are plentiful and typically in poor condition. Some people buy 3 or more in hopes of being able to put together a nice one - ad sometimes you get lucky like I did. But, I think all of the Mosin-style rifles tend to get denigrated...unless they went to Finland - then they are priceless. To me, they are very emblematic of the culture and politics of the Soviet Union, Chia and the Communist Block countries. They are what they were made to be - cheap, functional and expendable.
    COL, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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    Good analysis, Markv,

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    Here are my M-44s, From Back to Front

    1944 Izhevsk, very common but this one has a comblock grenade site base (copy of US) on the side, no import marks, These were encountered in VN likely bring back but no papers.

    1943 Izhevsk, first year of production
    1947 Izhevsk
    1944 Tula, only year Tula made an M-44

    Picture from Life magazine, Vietnam Shau Valley, solders with captured weapons (stacks of Russian and perhaps Chinese carbines), look at the one standing upright on the right and you can see one with both the base and sight attached.

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