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Unusual Sterling

Article about: I just took at look at the Helston Gunsmiths website. They deactivated the bloody thing !!

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    Default Unusual Sterling

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Unusual Sterling   Unusual Sterling  

    Unusual Sterling   Unusual Sterling  

    Unusual Sterling   Unusual Sterling  

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    Default Re: Unusual Sterling

    hi Mick , nothing unusual about this ,its a police carbine issued in the days before the mp5 cheers ian
    must admit though i have never seen one with a 34rd mag , usualy 10 or 15rd mags
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    Default Re: Unusual Sterling

    I think it's unusual precisely because it's a Sterling Police Carbine. They did not make many.

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    Default Re: Unusual Sterling

    NOT THE DOGGGGGGGGGGGG! Very weapon though

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    Default Re: Unusual Sterling

    I wouldnt object to owning it.
    Lovely weapon, had one as a personal weapon for a while when I was a RTO in the infantry years ago.

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    Default Re: Unusual Sterling

    Didn't the Police version come issued with a 5 shot mag?

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    Default Re: Unusual Sterling

    The Small Metal Gun of blessed memory !

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    Default Re: Unusual Sterling

    How much would it cost to gold plate a sterling ?

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    Default Re: Unusual Sterling

    You could call a place that melts down gold and see if they can or at least give a price on what it will cost

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    Default Re: Unusual Sterling

    I think I've seen that gold plated Sterling for sale, I think it was on Helston Gunsmiths website or something, I can't remember how much it was though.

    Edit: On Helston Gunsmiths that gun is 3800, so do the maths a normal new spec Sterling is about 300 or something, so I reckon that it would cost at least a few of grand to have one and its accessories gold plated and put inside a nice wooden box



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