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Very old Six Shooter

Article about: Looks like a Whitney made Pocket Revolver to me notice the brass trigger guard hope this helps. And I think yours is a 5 shot. Eric

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    Default Very old Six Shooter

    I found this in a mini storage unit I bought years ago. Has been laying around for sometime. I know its in rough shape but don't have a clue to how old it is our where it came from? Any ideas (Help)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Very old Six Shooter   Very old Six Shooter  

    Very old Six Shooter  

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    Default Re: Very old Six Shooter

    Probably civil war era. But I don't recognize the shape . Any markings?

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    Default Re: Very old Six Shooter

    Can not find nothing.

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    Default Re: Very old Six Shooter

    Closest I can find is a confederate Spiller and Burr . Not much help

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    Default Re: Very old Six Shooter

    lovely old revolver, got to be around 1860,s as it has an un-fluted cylinder, i love this type of pistol.
    PS sorry ment the 1860,s,
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    Default Re: Very old Six Shooter

    Considering there are no markings on the piece, it could well be an unlicenced European copy of a Colt cap & ball pocket pistol similar to either the 1849 or 1863 model. Anyway, can you find out the calibre?

    Regards, Ned.
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    Default Re: Very old Six Shooter

    Hey Big Ned, My eye sight su'ks and the gun has wear and pitting. Where are the best places to look for markings? I can slide a #2 school pencil in the barrel and it has just a tad of play if that helps trying to guess the calibre. Thanks onaroll

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    Default Re: Very old Six Shooter

    Judging by the condition it looks to be either ground dug or what's called a "Desert Relic" The term "Desert Relic" comes from relics from the civil war/mexican wars/indian wars period that because of the temperature and sand are preserved in a certain fashion. You mentioned pitting in the medal which leads me to believe it is a ground dug item. I was going to say colt but I'm stuck on that hammer. It's just so odd, I'm not sure if it's bent or not. Value toward these types of items tends to fluctuate based on the market and buyer. If you ever want to sell it I would expect it to go for something between $100-250 on Ebay, if your looking for something a wee bit more refined you can consign to an antique store or auction house. Overall and fine specimen of a revolver.

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    Default Re: Very old Six Shooter

    Thanks for the info. The guy that owned the gun lived in Kentucky and was a western buff. All the parts move and work and don't look that bad. Even the really thin cap holders are all there and in good shape.

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    Default Re: Very old Six Shooter

    This makes me think it's Civil War. During the Civil War the C.S.A purchased quite a few firearms from European sources. This very well may be one of those guns.

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