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Vet Bring back P38 Pistol and holster and extras

Article about: A great piece of history, to be sure.

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    A great piece of history, to be sure.

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    Nice rig!

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    Nice find! Always wanted one of these, but firearms are beyond my expertise.

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    I think you did the right thing and gave her another $200. I think at that price as long as you don't intend to resell it. That you made a good deal and also did not screw over the seller.

    Semper Fi

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    Vet Bring back P38 Pistol and holster and extrasVet Bring back P38 Pistol and holster and extrasVet Bring back P38 Pistol and holster and extrasWell the third clip with the bullets is marked JVD so it is Czech made. The bullets are not TR era though. My wife visited her friend last night and brought home some more items that were in the lockbox. It was a cleaning kit and box of 9mm Luger bullets. From the age on the box and cleaning kit looks to be 1950's era? I'm thinking he must have taken this out and shot it a few times after the war. There was also a roll of undeveloped film in the lockbox. She is trying to find a place nearby that still develops film. Will be interesting to see what the photo's are. Thanks for the help thus far. I am keeping the gun for myself with no intention of resale. I gave my wife some papers for her friend to fill out. (For a small bio on her grandfather) I'd that info and a photo of him to keep with the pistol. My father and I are attending a gun show this weekend and I'm just going to look around to see what the pistol and this type of holster sale for. That way I know that what I paid is going to be enough. But it's already priceless to me. Best regards.

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    That would be awesome if that roll of film is photo's he took while he served. Keep us informed about the film. I would be interested to see them if they turn out to be service related.

    Semper Fi

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    If the film is that sort of age, it will most likely have perished away after 70 years though...

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    Yeah not sure about the film. I just know if she doesn't do something with it soon, I'll ask her for it and find someone to process it myself.

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