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Vet bringback kar98k

Article about: Thanks Ade, I'll look into that. Where would you get a working K98 from tho? I'm sure you couldn't import one?

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    As long as you enjoy it.

    (the one i am looking at still has some original ammo in the mag from the war!)

    as for 9mm, matters where you get it from.

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    I as looking at the your walther and it seems there is a marking AC over the 43.

    AC over 43 = Maker = Walther in 1943. Nice

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    The last I got was from wallmart I have a friend that reloads most of mine .The p38 throws the brass every ware hard to catch unless you use a blanket my colt 1911 puts the brass in the same place everytime. and I do have some old 9MM swiss ammo aswell shoots just fine


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    Interesting didn't know that about Walther. i was given over 100 rounds of 9mm lately so i haven't been watching the price.

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    The ac 43 has been brought up to me before and all I know it is a good one this one is not uncommon from what ive seen but I wish it was.

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    It would be fantastic to be able to shoot a vet bring back pistol/rifle but as I live in England there's no chance with our stone age gun laws!!
    My Russian captured k98 is de-activated so it's been totally ruined. It's got a faint SS stamp on the stock but is debatable whether it was added war time or not. I posted it on k98 forum and only one other person had a similar stamp on his stock.

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    I did not relize it was like that Jay in good ole England we take for granted what we have here in the states Im a NRA MEMBER and a active member of the gun club locally we shoot everything!!!


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    Things are not quite as bad as Jay might believe. Pistols you can forget.... But rifle shooting is fine provided of course you apply for the correct firearms licence.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    That's interesting Ade, so in theory I could apply for the correct licence and purchase a fully operational K98?
    If I so wished?

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    Hi Jay, yes, no problem. You would need to join a shooting club first, then apply for a licence.

    Cheers, Ade.

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