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Vet bringback kar98k

Article about: Thanks Ade, I'll look into that. Where would you get a working K98 from tho? I'm sure you couldn't import one?

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    Thanks Ade, I'll look into that.
    Where would you get a working K98 from tho? I'm sure you couldn't import one?

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    Hi Jay, buy a copy of "Gun Mart" from your local Newsagents or you can buy from Ryton Arms etc.

    But matching number K98's are rare as hen's teeth...we have very very few Vet bring backs here. It was just not allowed at the time.

    Have a look around your local area for a rifle shooting club. They will be online in some form or other. Contact them and go down to the club. They are usually like minded, friendly, people. Different clubs have different membership fees and most will require you to be an active probationary member for 6 months or so. Once they are happy with your attitude and safety you will be able to apply for your "ticket" from the Police. You will need to buy a steel gun safe. Post off the form witht the fee and the Police will come to visit you at home and talk about why you will to have the rifles (s) and inspect your security arrangements. You will need to get two people to counter sign your application to say you are of sound mind. I know all of this sounds a little daunting, it is is really straight forward. It is all to weed out the "nut cases" and people who are not serious about what is a very serious subject. You can actually own a live rifle as a collector only. This will not entitle you to shoot it or own any ammo. But you still need to go through the Police licensing system. So it is really much better to own a rifle you can go out and shoot.

    Actually, once you have your firearms licence, you can import any rifle you wish, from anywhere in the world, provided it is one you are entitled to own.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Thanks for the excellent information Ade.
    I've just had a look and found a few local clubs to try and also read the police requirements and not having a criminal record or anything like that certainly will work in my favour!
    I'll let you know how I get on.
    Many thanks again for taking the time to explain things to me
    Regarding vet bringbacks in this country, my Dad said to me when he first started work some of the older blokes on site fought in the war. He said one guy used to wear his Wehrmacht belt buckle on his work jeans!
    My Dad also told me the same bloke told him that when he came home from the war it was announced to everyone on the ship that if anyone was caught with any kind of firearm on them there would be severe consequences. So loads of stuff got chucked overboard into Liverpool docks!!
    Bet it'd be a bit rusty by now tho eh

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    If you Europeans ever go to Los Vegas there is a FULL AUTO range. $120 = 1 mag of Mp40, 2 mags of Thompson, and 2 or 1 (dont remember) m1911. guns are provide and ammo. They have lot different guns there AK's, M16, M4, Stens, Grease gun, saw, extra... Highly recommend doing it. It a blast. last time I went the people next to me were from Germany.

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