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Veteran's Day Salute to Opa - The Pistol that started my collecting craze...

Article about: Here is the first WWII piece I ever touched at age 15 over 35 years ago. It was the 1st Militaria Piece given to me and started my craze for WWII Militaria Collecting. I must say it would no

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    We Americans just love that shiny stuff!!!!! But keep in mind that to nickle plate, they put a plate of copper first and then the nickle is applied. Cleaners like Hoppes#9 will eat copper. Even though It is like a cologne to me. keep it away from that nickel plate when cleaning. It will make it bubble and peel!
    If I got that at 15 I would be popping more nuts than primers.
    Semper Fi Bro

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    Nice piece and family history to make it special I got a replacement firing pin for one I had in the 70's from Sarco I see grandpa was in the "Big Red One" famous division in WW2 especially I had some friends in it during Nam. Dad was 94th Saar Mosle triangle 1945. My time was with 5th army and TRADOC thanks for sharing.

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