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Volkssturmgewehr vg2 !

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    Default Volkssturmgewehr vg2 !


    I would like to know what a Volkssturmgewehr VG.2 rifle is worth about.
    Markings are BKY, 42 Pi 32
    "7279" serial number (I think).
    I'm not an expert in guns, I have no idea about this kind of rifle so any help is welcome.

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    Value will depend on a number of factors - the condition, is it live or de-activated and which country are you in. Photographs would be a good idea.

    I think this type of weapon is quite rare.

    I did find this however

    Exceptionally Rare Late WWII German "Last Ditch" VG2 Bolt Action Rifle



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    Hi Marc, I would love to see this!

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Thanks guy's,
    I don't have any pics for the moment, sorry.
    What I know is it's in a good, used, working condition. Complete, no parts are missing.
    That's all I know for the moment.