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Walther P38 byf 43 Pistol

Article about: A pistol added to my collectors licence last year-it's a reasonably good example of the iconic weapon, all matching serial numbers and still live (though I won't be shooting it). Made by Mau

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    Yes, they were saving them for WWIII, but when the wall came down, along with financial hard times, they sold a lot of captured/refurbed weapons. The Radom is interesting like that, had never heard or seen any, usually P.38's for some reason.

    The Radom is an interesting weapon anyway, the design has a very strong John M. Browning influence.

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    The Soviets had 2 reasons to keep and maintain captured/lendlease weapons stocks-1st was to keep their arsenals busy with the refurbishing work during the otherwise slack periods in relatively peaceful times and secondly to have large reserves of weapons for emergency use-both world wars had shown just how much might be needed in a worst case scenario-also provided equipment that could be supplied to friends and allies in various calibres that might be more useful to guerrillas who tended to rely on captured weapons and ammo.
    Here are 2 pistols that were post war refurbs by Soviet and Polish arsenals-cyq P38 and German occupation P35 Radom. Note the '11 in an oval' post war Radom arsenal mark on the hammer on the P35.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Walther P38 byf 43 Pistol   Walther P38 byf 43 Pistol  

    Walther P38 byf 43 Pistol   Walther P38 byf 43 Pistol  

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    Interesting, never seen an RC Radom. Do you have a pic of the other side of the slide with the markings?

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    Very nice P38

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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