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Weapon collection

Article about: Charlton Heston's collection:

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    now the question would be why didn't the cops use all those beutifull guns on all those looters like an rpg would have been brilliant im sure


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    Quote by rich89 View Post
    Ah yes I had a chat with him and he was nice enough to show me round a few times, (I forget his name!) but he did say i could have a shoot on a bren but he hasnt got back to me!!! does he still work there? last time I went there was a SASC warrant officer there.
    If it was Peter L, he is still there, I dont think he will ever leave! He is the last Vickers Gun qualified Armourer in the British Forces now.

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    That is an awesome collection of pictures, thanks for posting.
    The MP44 is nice, and Napoleon's pistols, wow.

    Strangely lacking for the countries represented, though, nice to have a lot of old powder weapons, but, minimal on the modern variants.
    Someone was correct with the statement it looks more like a collection than an actual military reference facility, really nice though.

    Is that a Malayan conflict cross bow?

    If there is a chance of a closer photo of the Mauser anti-tank rifle ("T" prefix I think) it would be great, interesting that it dwarfs the other anti-tank rifles, what a beast. I will get one in my collection when one appears and I have the readies.
    *I posted a few pics from my visit to the BC regiment museum in another area on this forum, again less of a museum than a collection of bonafide war trophies with stories attached, lol.

    Thanks again,


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