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Webley MK VI

Article about: This is the best one of these I have ever handled(maybe even as good as one of Bills!) And I will be keeping this one for a looooong time! It is uncut and the recoil shield still has the pre

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    I have the Mark VI naval revolver but it is missing two screws, hand guards and the lanyard ring. I'm a good enough machinist to make the screws and lanyard ring to original specs...if I can find the original specs.

    I can order the hand guards but I anyone knows where I can order the screws or get the blueprints I'd appreciate a source for these.

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    I have just come across a Silver (looks like chrome) webley mk 6 455. the cylinder looks unmodified but has a lot of play in it. were there any original silver finished mk 6 or did someone ruin this one?

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    It doesn't make any difference what you paid for it. It is worth every penny, especially since it has been shaved for 45 ACP. That is the nicest Mk VI I have seen in a loooooog time, great pickup. I am jealous as well.

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    Quote by Gary Cain View Post
    Hi Dave,
    Based on the fact that there is a Broad Arrow acceptance stamp I have to assume it was not a private purchase weapon.
    Despite the fact it has a government acceptance stamp, it is still possible it was purchased and owned by an officer. All issue items had a price, which was used for unit accounting purposes as well as allowing items to be purchased through Army stores. I have a copy of the complete Priced Vocabulary of Stores for 1915, and here is the page showing the Pistol, Webley, with 6-inch Barrel, Mark VI:

    Webley MK VI

    As you can see, it was a brand new item at the time, and has been added in by hand. Cost of the pistol was 3/4/6 (three pounds, four shillings and sixpence), which would be 3.23 in modern UK money and therefore $4.99 in USD!

    A beautiful gun, BTW


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