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'Well Traveled' Mosin Nagant Rifle

Article about: This is a well traveled Mosin Nagant Rifle, Captured by the Germans in WW1, inventoried and marked, given to the Finns after WW1 and then rebuilt By the Finns in the 30s with a New Sako bbl.

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    Sweet looking Mosin. I have an Ex-Dragoon 91/30 and an M44 - really enjoy shooting them.
    COL, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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    Talking Re: Mosin Nagant M1891

    Quote by Asjemenou View Post
    Hereby I like to show my (deactivated) Mosin Nagant rifle. My rifle is a late version of the Mosin Nagant M1891. It is manufactured in 1925 in the Soviet-Russian arms factory of Tula. The rifle is captured by the Finns during the Finn/Russian Winter War of 1939/40. It is been said that the Finnish ‘41’ stamp on the rifle proofs this. The Finns only replaced the wooden handguard and remarked the sight on the right side in meters. All the parts of the rifle are marked with the Tula ‘hammer’ marking. Also the cleaning rod belongs to this late type of the Mosin Nagant M1891 rifle. The bayonet is a 1st pattern which belongs to the M1891 rife.
    Hereby the pictures of the rifle...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 'Well Traveled' Mosin Nagant Rifle   'Well Traveled' Mosin Nagant Rifle  

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    Nice Dragoon Model M91-30, becoming somewhat of an expert with my dad and I doing research for an up-and-coming collection...

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    I think that receiver makes a gun and recivers journey could be example like this. Any other part could have been modified and replaced many times.

    1895 Chatellerault, France
    1905 Russo-Japanese war
    WW1 and captured by Germans
    Sold to Finland
    1939 – 40 winter war
    1941 – 1944 continuation war
    1944 – 1945 War in Lapland
    and almost every step some modifications and changes to the rifle, but reciever stays quite original.

    If I understood right, receivers of m.91 is still in use in Finland’s defense forces as TAK – 85 sniper rifle.

    Many times m.91 reminds me a 200 hundred old axe I have. Only the handle has changed 10 times and the axe head changed 5 times.

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    I had the opportunity to shoot a Mosin Nagant awhile back. Although I am nowhere close to an expert on anything much less the Mosin, I found it to be extremely accurate and consistant. But it had one heck of a kick, about 5 rounds later, I was done for the day. Nice seeing the photos of yours.

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    Funny, Ive shot my dad's M39 for over 50 rnds in a day and have no problem, and i'm 13. (but then again it is LIGHT ball 7.62x54 ammo)

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    Very neat rifle, with interesting history!

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    mosins are great to collect. theyre cheap, there are plenty to go around, there are dozens if not hundreds of varieties, and they are usually well marked so its fun to tell the history of them. i personally have an M91/30, an M44, and a 1908 dated converted M38.

    a buddy of mine has a mosin with an amazing history. it was captured by the germans in WWI, given to the Finns, recaptured by the russians, sold or given to north vietnam, captured by a U.S. vietnam war vet, and the vet sold it to my friend years later. ill ask him if i can post some pics of it sometime : )

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    ObKrieger, would love to see pics of your friend's Mosin. Although these Nagants are cheap today, they will not always be so in the future. Been around for a while, and remember when Lugers and P-38s were $30 & $19 respectively. Bought my first rifle (still own it) an Italian Carcano 6.5X52mm M38, when I was 13. At a local Army/Navy surplus store, my dad was with me when I purchased it(but they sold it to a 13 year old without any ID).Paid $9.99 for it, 3 boxes of surplus ammo at $1.00 each. My mom who hated guns, recognized it as the same gun that killed JFK, and a big fight ensued with my dad, for letting me bring home such a gun! Kind of expensive, when you consider 50 .22 long rifle cartridges were going for .48 a box. Have recently got into collecting Vietnam era firearms, think these have been over looked for quite some time. Just now coming into the collectable field. They usually look very rough (jungles will do that to firearms), and are not easily reconized for what they are.

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    i always loved carcanos, its a shame they get such a bad rep from so many people. yours looks immaculate, id love to have one like it one day.

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