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Welrod anyone?

Article about: (Dunno if its the right topic) How it pains me to see this wonderful pistol for sale, but not being able to buy it. If anyone else would be interested, you can see it on Rask Antik. It is lo

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    First one I see, never heard of!!
    Good to now , I would have guessed it was a plumbers tool...

    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Quote by davejb View Post
    I daresay that the ordinary GI never even got to see one let alone handle one, they were used on SOE and covert operations and designed for one purpose , close quarter assassination either on high profile targets or sentries, but they somehow managed to get over there
    This is the first time i have seen a real picture of one as i have used one on a Video game called "Medal of Honor" Pacific assault. I was put into Shanghai on a covert operation and the welrod was the only gun I had to use once I got up onto the docks and taken out all the japanese sentries. Funny....even in video games one can tell the difference in the hitting power of a weapon. Quiet and deadly...and all it took was one shot. To see a real picture of one is very nice construction.

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    Quote by command450 View Post
    yes indeed. It sure makes me think theres only one way they would ever make it over here, given what it is. I wonder if maybe some were delivered to resistance groups in europe by brit opperatives?

    It sure is a unique piece of WWII history.thats for sure !!
    Yes. They made their way to resistance groups in Denmark.

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    I bought a Welrod MKII Replika 112 at Welrod Softair Replika | SOE Welrod Replika Gun , a very nice replika!

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    A very nice hard to find firearm.Great to see.
    Cheers for posting Tobben.

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