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what kind of enfield is this?

Article about: I just picked this up and I know it's a no 4 but is it a number 2? It just has that flip up sight and that's it. Paid 150 bucks for it. It's bin well used but it seems like it functions good

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    Default what kind of enfield is this?

    I just picked this up and I know it's a no 4 but is it a number 2? It just has that flip up sight and that's it. Paid 150 bucks for it. It's bin well used but it seems like it functions good. Also if it's a no 2 can it take mark4 no 1 parts , like if I replaced the stock? Thanks I'm sorry everything in post pictures on my phone it does it backwardsAttachment 983236Attachment 983237Attachment 983238Attachment 983239Attachment 983240Attachment 983241

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    It appears that the model designation is stamped on the left side of the receiver in Pic #4.

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    Yeah it's a mark4 but I'm. Ot sure what number it is, can't make it out

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    The metal has been worked a bit, but it looks like it says No4 Mk1

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    Okay thank you it's probably a number2 you think

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    Oops forget that last message

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    I agree with stinkpotpete! Once it was rotated it was a lot easier to make out

    what kind of enfield is this?

    Semper Fi

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    Thank you, since my laptop broke I cannot use a computer so I have to rely on my phone and it's a pain in the butt

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    Think you did quite well for what you paid MrPotts. Always nice to see these old milsurps.

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    Yes, they are cool guns, getting hard to find them. Found a super nice long Branch 1944 in originial issued condition which is my pride of the enfields. I will rework this stock and make it a little better, needs a new retainer clip for the upper hand guard

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    This is a No4Mk1 made by ROF Fazakerley, most likely in 1943, hard to see the date. Does not appear to have gone through a major refurbishment, as it lacks both the refurbishment markings, and has the expedient flip sight which was typically replaced.

    I would not do any work to the stock, as any sanding, refinishing or "improvements" will only harm the value of it. Adding missing parts does not harm the value, but please do not refinish it or otherwise try to "improve it" short of linseed oil, as was done originally. That said, it is of course your rifle and you are free to do with it as you please.

    It is a Rifle, Number four, Mark one (No4Mk1). Not a Mark four, mark two, etc. A No4. That is of course despite the recent import marking that was added to the left side of the receiver. The Mk4**** etc. This was done on the rifles import into the US, most likely by Century Arms, and is not an original military marking (Nor is it even proper nomenclature, as a said earlier this is not a "Mark Four Rifle".

    All of that said, lovely looking rifle and excellent price. Time to load up some chargers, don the Pattern 1937 web equipment, and strap on a MkII or MkIII helmet!

    Hope this helps, if you care to go further there are several publications by Ian Skennerton that will prove to be a treasure trove on the subject.

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