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Whats this mag from...please?

Article about: I have been sorting through a number of boxes with items recovered from the German tunnels here in Jersey, Channel Islands. The magazine was in the box but I am unable to work out what its f

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    Default Re: Whats this mag from...please?

    In the description at the deactivated site - they describe it as a Browning type magazine, Scout.
    I believe they are interchangeable - but the FND is not the same weapon, quite similar, but not the same.
    This was a very common parts kit for a while here, although like all of the kits it has become rarer.

    I didn't know a lot about this weapon - thanks to the OP for posting and allowing me to take a quick peak.

    FN Model D (BAR)

    Jersey (OP), the FND was an uncommon WW2 weapon, how do you think it found it's way to your island, an interesting story I'm sure?

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    Well I am surprised, the measurements are the same as the mag I have here and the pictures show a mag with a cross on it.....I agree it must be for a BAR, but how the heck did the mag come from the German tunnels....I wonder if they actually captured one and used it here in defence of the Island? Unfortunately we will never know. Thank you for all your help. I have a friend who has a BAR so I will clean it up and take it to the range and see if it still works ok.
    All the best from Jersey,

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    It will fit in a US M1918 BAR (their mags are interchangeable) - but it is for a FN-d - this was actually a better BAR, with a quick change barrel and a few other improvments over the 1918 - apparently there were some in Poland before the second war, so maybe, yours came from there, but it's a long shot.
    They were used by the Belgian army, does that explain yours being in Jersey?

    Watch Kelly's Hero's the Clint Eastwood movie, they obviously coudn't get US BAR's as they are all FND's standing in, in that movie.
    Kelly's Heroes - Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games


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    Belgium's a lot closer to the Channel Islands than Poland-FN was a major producer of weapons for the Germans under the occupation and they made their BAR variant in 7.92mm (or indeed any other calibre the customer wished).

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    Default Re: Whats this mag from...please?

    I have an informal collection of pictures; internet and hard copies of the Wermacht using different nations firearms -
    Thompsons, Garands, Brens, PPsh, SVT, etc., - if anyone has a pic of the FN-d BAR in wartime use by the Axis forces I would love it for my collection, as I have never seen or heard of it used by them - but have no doubt they would have used it if available in 8mm - which of course as Lithgow points out it was, as well as 30-06 and later 7.62mm.

    I am quite excited by this thread, if this was truly left behind by the German occupation forces in Jersey - fun!

    A really nice piece on the German army and the reason they didn't use the FN-d (scroll down the page). According to this only Finland used it in any number.

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    Good morning pitfighter,
    Please rest assured that this magazine did in fact come from the German tunnels here in Jersey where it was left after the German Occupation of our Island. I have nothing to gain by making a false claim, its not earth shattering by any means, and there would be no financial gain so there is no point in making a big story about a magazine. Also please remember that I had no idea what gun it came from thinking French or possibly Czech. I take your above comment in the "fun" context it was meant so no worries there, I just wanted to be sure anyone who is interested knows this is a truthful thread not made up for drama.
    I have no evidence that the Germans ever had or used a BAR here, it may be a case of that it was amongst a load of kit they captured coming across Europe and sat in a box whilst in the Island till dumped and they had no gun for it , I just don't know..... but it did come from the tunnel for sure.
    All the best,

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    Mag is from the Polish BAR m1928 (Browning wz.1928)
    ...Browning wz.1928 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I have found this mag in Denmark - with metaldetector.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Whats this mag from...please?   Whats this mag from...please?  

    Whats this mag from...please?  

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    I think its fair to say this one is solved...excellent work lets see what else I can find in the box.

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    Whats this mag from...please?Whats this mag from...please?

    This is my FN D BAR

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    The Germans never met a weapon they didn't like-they were always short on modern weapons and especially for the occupation garrisons around Europe-for much of the war the Channel Islands were a backwater albeit heavily garrisoned and its fully reasonable to think that the 7.92mm versions of the BAR would be used along side the French, Czech, Danish, Polish, Dutch etc etc weapons used by the various branches of the armed forces.

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