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Winchester 1892 model 44/40

Article about: Not sure if this is what I would call a war relic but thought you might like to see it. It's my Winchester 1892 model 44/40. As yet I have not fired it, but one of these days I will. I bough

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    I should have said, "I'd love to have one", in any caliber! 30-30 being the most common. 44-40 packs quite a wallop, probably took down lots of bear and other big game here in the Northwest.

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    Yeah Larboard raised a good point concerning use with smokeless. Checked that serial no. and yes it did come up as being made in 1892! What a great score. Thanks for the input AZPhil. I believe smokeless came out in 1895 and I would stick with AZPhil suggestions.

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    a great rifle.

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    The 92 Winchester was Never made in 30/30 - that was the Mod 94.
    I like the 92 saddle ring carbines! I have one in 38/40, which matches my colt single action and 2 Bisleys.
    Mine was made in 1896 if I remember right.

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    Damn I miss my US marked 1873 SAA, like they say "don't know what you got til it's gone"...

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