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WW2 1911, plus spainish American war revolver?

Article about: Hello guys, Couple of new pistols at my job. First, 1911 Ithaca 1944. Missing mag. Question about this one... Are the parts correct for ww2 and the finish? I do not have any ww2 handguns. (F

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    1911A1. that has been Arsenal refurbished. Note the ordnance stamp. Ithaca had a small contract to make these. The Production numbers were nothing like Colt and Remington .
    Like was mentioned before. A lot of these were surplus after the war. Production on the 45 was halted in I think 1956 as the government contracts ran out. The US military had ran on stored surplus 45’s up until they were deemed obsolete when the M9 came in. Every WWII Collector should have one. Just my opinion…..


    Thanks for the help John! Great info!

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    Agree with you John, should be in every collection and one day I hope to get one.

    My question, would a pistol like this be considered acceptable to be in a WWII collection? I guess it is similar to the Garand, where almost all were sent back to be refurbed after the war.

    I prefer matching items like most people. But when it comes down to a item, I am happy if the bulk of the parts are correct for the era doesn't need to be matching for me.

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