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WW2 Service Pistols

Article about: While not complete yet, my collection of WW2 service pistols is here. 1911A1 is a Remington Rand with a US&S top end. Nambu Type 14 was a gift from a friend whose dad brought it back fro

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    Fantastic! Happy shooting.

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    Going back to the Hi-Power, I love that gun! I used to own a Nickel Chrome model before the UK Ban on hand guns, and I had a Mk3 issued to me for use in Iraq. I now have 2 Belgian Hi-powers but there deactivated unfortunatly, the only way we can own them (Without a massive expence and difficult to obtain lisence).

    Incidently, the Hi-power and Colt .45 are both J.M. Browning designs, no wonder people who like one usually like the other.

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