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WWII Holster Inspection and Identification Assistance

Article about: Hey All, My neighbor's family stopped by tonight with a mint holster that was brought back with a flag and a tinnie from Jake's Grandfather. They were looking for me to identify the holster

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    We tried a local gun shop over lunch and the HSC and Walther PP were too big still.

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    Using Zwege's site he posted and looking at my Janes firearm manual the PPK is 1.5 cm shorter that the PP and this holster on this site looks similar to the one you are showing.

    Click on the PPK link to the left.

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    Not seeing any PPK holsters on that page that match this description, but then again I'm seeing seeing a Polizei Eagle C PPK either, which is quite an omission. I think the Police PPK holsters do match this description though. Usually, if the pistol has spent enough time in the holster, there will be a definite outline that helps to determine what lived in it.

    In this day and age, most collectors think it's a horrible thing to do to a pistol, and yes, it does depend on your climate (damp obviously not good), but over the years, I found quite a few Walther PP's, P38's, P. 08's, etc that a vet widow was selling that had been in the holster since the war and looked about as good as it did the day it was captured.

    On this one, I don't see an outline right off, but suspicions confirmed on not being for an HSc. Find a PPK, and look a the black imprint under the flap from the back of the grip and more importantly the rear of the frame/slide under the hammer, that leaves a distinct mark on the holster, and it should match up with the pistol.

    If that's what the holster is, pretty good score, all you need is an Eagle C PPK to put in it

    I think the PPK is one of the most quintessential of German firearms. That and the P. 08, and the P. 38 with the Luger having a slight edge over the P. 38. Walther PPK = James Bond... Luger, well... one of the most recognizable guns of all time.

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    Have a look at that website again for the Sauer & Sohn 38H,take a look at the holster illustrated....Pete.

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    Looks to me almost identical to a Model 1914 Mauser.

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    I have two of the holsters one black and the other brown. They are very small and will fit a ppk but very very tight and will not close with the extra clip in the pocket. When I found mine the first had a Walther Model 4 Police Unit marked on the front grip strap and extra magazine, The second had a Sauer Model 1913 in 7.65mm with extra magazine and they both fit perfect and had rub marks where the pistols had been with the holsters, for years...BILL
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    I bought a brown leather unmarked example of this type of holster for AU $20 at our WAAAS collector fair a couple of months ago-wasn't sure what it was for but a fellow collector tested it against several small pocket autos-fitted the Mauser HSc and the Beretta M34/35 pistols.

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    I think these little holsters were almost a kind of generic type that could be used for several different small automatics. You run into identical ones with several different kinds of pistols still in them from day one.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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