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WWII Weapons to be destroyed

Article about: Weapons to be destroyed.. Some are a collectors dream... Click on the icon...BILL Vil ha inn flere vpen - Innenriks -

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    What was the deal on this Bill? Some kind of amenesty?

    Cheers, Ade.
    I spoke to my friend in norway and he said that most were turned in and some were from crimes...

    The caption with the MP40 states it was stolen from the Germans...BILL
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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Hi everyone!

    I can hardly believe this is the first time I've seen this site, but at least I'm signed up now.

    Just wanted to fill you in a bit on the link made to the Norwegian newspaper, in case some things are not yet clear.

    All the German guns featured in the pictures, were confiscated by the police or turned in due to the weapon-amnesty which is in rule until the 1 Th of October (2008). Same with all the other guns featured in pics/videos on the website.

    The MP-40 being held by the police officer, was stolen from the Germans during WW2. The irony in this is that the headline below the picture says:

    "Many of the weapons have a special history. The weapon shown by *name of police officer* was stolen from the Germans during the war. It is now scheduled to be destroyed."

    I think it's really sad, a museum should have had this.

    A few more quick facts:

    So far the amnesty has produced 35.724 guns being turned in, along with 22 tons of ammo. This is of course from all 27 police districts in Norway, not just from Oslo city.

    212 different sort of guns have been handed in to the Oslo Police.

    In some cases, there is a 4 year prison sentence for owning an illegal gun.

    I do not know how other countries deal with old weapons that are brought in, but to me it is really really strange that the police don't have a sort of arrangement with museums. In Oslo alone they have/had an MG 42, MP-40, a Luger (don't know the specs) and several other famous weapons.

    Arrgh, this is very typical Norwegian-style policy: Let's get rid of it without asking anyone about it.

    Anyway, hope this added some info to anyone interested. Impressive site you've got going here, really nice.

    Thanks for your time!

    Jon - Norway

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Thanks Jon. Good to have you here. The info you gave is pretty similar to other countries I would think. They have those buy back etc, stunts here in the U.S. also.No questions asked. A criminal can go perpetrate a crime murder robbery etc. and just turn the evidence over to the police who oblige them by destroying the evidence for them. And get paid some $$$$ for turning them in. I'm sure we all feel much safer now. A part of history goes down the drain for the sake of the PC. Thanks again!

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Don't they ever think about sorting the collectable one's out and selling them on to Gen collectors or giving them to hard up museums?
    There must be a couple of dozen curator's out there having fits about now.

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    wfrad, The stuff they come out with is ludicrous to begin with. Knee jerking,sob stories etc. (Not that people being murdered and such isn't heart wrenching and needs to be addressed) It is used as a tool to persuade non committed and the anti's to agree with their way. But with all the laws on the books,the pc way isn't working. People have a born right to protect themselves and their loved ones. Depriving them of that right right is....well not hard to figure out. So...ALL weapons are 'evil' to them. Destroy them all or only 'certain' people can have them. Historical items mean nothing to their ultimate goal. But I'd bet there are those who do pic through the lot and keep what they want. Sota, do as I say, not as I do? Just my thoughts. I'm not much of a debater. Things ain't lookin to good.

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    this is sick, i can't watch this.

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Ugh. Destroying history...good god.

    They don't need to do this -- just lead-up the barrels and sell them to collectors! Surely the Norwegian Government could use the cash in the midst of a global recession?

    This reminds me of a lost family treasure: a 1916 German Luger that was taken in close-quarters combat in the Ypres Salient, by a relative serving as an officer in the Canadian Army, 3rd Division.

    This distant great, great, etc. grandfather won a bunch of medals for his actions, and managed to somehow survive the war. He brought the weapon back with him in his kit, and handed it down father to son. Until it got to my Dad, and me.

    I was told the weapon worked just as it did the day it was captured. It was kept in its holster and still had original ammunition in it's clip (never fired post-war of course). When my Dad tried to have it brought into the United States from Canada, he was told there shouldn't be a problem importing the weapon....Except that when he got to the border the officials there discovered it was a functioning firearm. Also, as it had been carried by a former enemy combatant, it was considered contraband in the US.

    So, it was impounded.

    My dad pleaded with customs to at least send it back to an uncle in Canada to save it for someone else in the family, which the US gratefully did.

    Fast-wind 20 years later, and I'm trying to figure-out a way to get the pistol from my uncle. On a visit to Toronto I asked to see the Luger, and learned that he had turned the weapon over to a pal of his who just happened to work for the Canadian government. In exchange for the Luger, my uncle got a pair of used .30 hunting rifles.

    When I found the government official/pal whom had been given the Luger, I learned that the priceless piece of family history had been "regretfully" destroyed due to it's having been considered "contraband".

    I actually cried. I think I also threatened my uncle too. We haven't spoke in years.....go figure

    This is all post-hoc and only of academic interest now, but can anyone clear-up the legal realities of all this? Does anyone know the realities of "contraband" as it applies to functioning military weapons, and importing them?

    IF only we had just deactivated the Luger...

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Sorry but I believe in hard line gun law. Too many morons get easy access to weapons they can't handle. I agree though you should be able to defend yourself.
    The UK follows US on most things except the one thing that matters, life for a life not just ten years of colour TV and internet.
    I just believe we would be better of using guns in secure controlled environment - gun clubs and hunting clubs.
    Weapon shouldn't be destroyed, destroy the individuals who use them out-side of the law.
    Hard order I Know but the pc brigade and their 'you shouldn't have shot him for having a gun' stance should be; he's got a gun blast the B******!!!
    Too many gun happy murders put there hands up and surrender when caught, show them the same mercy their victims had, then we may just start to take control.
    Guns can be enjoyed- given the chance!
    Don't mistake me for the PC mob, just seen the results of what 7.62 can do.
    By the way, another thing that I may be in the minority over, bring back real guns for the military that can down at 300yds, not plastic tickle sticks.

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Wow these people realy don't have a clue, there just destroying history

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Wfrad, spoken by someone who has never had any experience with firearms.

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