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WWII Weapons to be destroyed

Article about: Weapons to be destroyed.. Some are a collectors dream... Click on the icon...BILL Vil ha inn flere våpen - Innenriks -

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    Quote by wfrad View Post
    Sorry but I believe in hard line gun law. Too many morons get easy access to weapons they can't handle. I agree though you should be able to defend yourself.
    The UK follows US on most things except the one thing that matters, life for a life not just ten years of colour TV and internet.
    I just believe we would be better of using guns in secure controlled environment - gun clubs and hunting clubs.
    Weapon shouldn't be destroyed, destroy the individuals who use them out-side of the law.
    Hard order I Know but the pc brigade and their 'you shouldn't have shot him for having a gun' stance should be; he's got a gun blast the B******!!!
    Too many gun happy murders put there hands up and surrender when caught, show them the same mercy their victims had, then we may just start to take control.
    Guns can be enjoyed- given the chance!
    Don't mistake me for the PC mob, just seen the results of what 7.62 can do.
    By the way, another thing that I may be in the minority over, bring back real guns for the military that can down at 300yds, not plastic tickle sticks.
    Unfortunately the only folks affected by "hard gun laws" are innocent law abiding citizens, the true criminals and thugs will continue to obtain weapons illegally no matter what the laws are. Hard line gun laws only result in more crime....
    YouTube - Myth: Gun Control Reduces Crime


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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Such a waste of some fine weapons.
    It really makes me sick!!!!

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    I anybody is still interested in a complete translation of this, I will be happy to do so.

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    Quote by Scout View Post
    I anybody is still interested in a complete translation of this, I will be happy to do so.
    Scout, Please translate for us.. Thanks...BILL
    "As long as there are brave men and warriors the halls of Valhalla will never be silent or empty"

    In memory of my father William T. Grist December 26, 1920--September 10, 2009..
    901st. Ordnance H.A.M. North Africa, Italy, Southern France....ETO
    Also in memory of my mother Jane Kidd Grist Feb. 22, 1920-- September 27, 2009... WWll War bride May 1942...

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    Boy those are Museum pieces!! Is there any way that those could be bought??,,I need a MG 42 !! hahahah Just remove the firing mechanism and sell the gun to collectors..

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Here you go (just a quick translation. Some of it edited for ease of understanding. Any further questions - pls ask):

    Headline: More weapons wanted (literally. They mean more weapons to be handed in (who doesnt want more weapons!)) In a basement room in the policestation in Oslo most of the weapons handed in at this summers gun amnesty is stored. Here are also stored weapons that was impounded at other occasions.

    Dagbladet. no (Daily Paper. Norway - Scout) was allowed in and got to film the big collection. Not often does the police open the dors (to the collection - Scout).

    On the floor two launchers, on a shelf there is an MG of the type most commonly associated with Rambo-movies and on a wall a display of knives, throwing stars and bats. All in all there are thousands of guns in the narrow room.

    Mostly rifles, some butchering devices
    - We get mostly rifles and shotguns, says Bjørn Vandvik, the chief of Planning,-Foreginers and permitsection at the police in Oslo.

    Until the Septmber 30. everybody who has an illegal gun, can hand it over to the police. This can be done anonymous and without being in danger of being persecuted

    - We have also received some grenades, ammo and two butchering devices (pic - Scout), says Vandvik to the Daily Paper.

    After the weapon amnesty has been in force since May 1. the police in Oslo has received 212 different weapons. This is a far cry from the guns handed in in 2004. At that time 2502 weapons were handed over to the Oslo police.

    In total 35.724 weapons and 22 tonnes of ammo were handed over to the police in all of the 27 police districts (in 2004 - Scout)

    - These weapons are then checked against our files in order to determine whether or not they have been used for a crime. Ordinary weapons are to be destroyed, says Vandvik and stresses that each weapon will be examined for value (though whether or not this is for historical or monetary value is not stated - Scout)

    Criminal investigation
    If suspected (that guns have been used for foul play - Scout), they will be tested by the Criminal Police before destruction.

    The police suspects that there are tens of thousands of illegal and unregistered guns in Norway (doh! - Scout). This is the main reason why the amnesty has been in force.

    - As usual we see a lot of weapons beeing handed in just before the weapon amnesty expires, before October 1. This is a lot less guns than before.

    On the floor in the office of policeinspector Hanne Plathe Maartmann at the Romerrike policechamber lies a selection of guns that were handed in during the amnesty. For a layperson it is easy to reqognize a german Luger, a pumpgun and the ordinary Mauser (K98? - Scout)

    Stolen from the germans
    Maartmann picks up a submachinegun from the floor. It is a german made MP-40 that was stolen (liberated - Scout) from the germans during the war. Next to the machinegun lies two semi-automatic rifles that are also illegal in Norway.

    Maartmann is very pleased that the guns were handed in, but also at Romerriket a significantly smaller number of guns has been handed in than was the case during the last weapon amnesty.

    - As per August 30. we had gotten 76 guns and 150 shotguns, that persons wanted to get a license for. We do not think that this is a lot, says Police Inspector Maartmann.

    After September 30. you risk up to four years of prison for having an illegal weapon at your home. You kan apply for permission to keep valuable and special weapons and until the end of the month it is still possible to make use of the police amnesty.

    (I also included the text for the pic with the female police Inspector holding the MP. I will let that one speak for itself. Howl..... - Scout):

    Stolen from the germans: many weapons has a special story. The MP that Police inspector Hanne Plathe Maartmann holds was stolen from the germans during the war. Now it is to be destroyed.

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Scout, thanks for the translation.
    Seeing all of those weapons that are going to be destroyed is a crime in itself.

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    I can't read the article but, my Lord, those are historical peices. Collectors would drool over the opportunity to obtain any of those peices in that condition. It just pisses me the "F-off" that people can't distinguish the historical valve without seeing just a weapon.
    Excuse me while I go bang my head against the wall a few times.....AAHHHHHH!!!!

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    That is sad. Very sad.

    Not to change the subject; here in New England in the next town a German Maxim water cooled machine gun that supposedly was one of the ones captured by actions of Sgt York and his Company was found stored in an old attic or basement; I can't remember which.

    To make a long story short because it was recently found it missed the ATFs amnesty and was illegal. The cash strapped town hoping to help raise money for fiscal projects were hoping to sell it to a museum.

    They contacted the ATF and two 30 Something ATF agents came out and declared it illegal (No perspective on Sgt. York His actions and or WWI history).

    Upon Last News Posting the weapon in Question is still tied up in legal Limbo.
    After Post Note: Many Lawyers and Politicians have tried to wrangle this with the ATF to creat a special case. At least it was not to date summarily destroyed. So the players seem to be using the heads at least temporarily.


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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    ohh, Big brother is protecting us!

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