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WWII Weapons to be destroyed

Article about: Weapons to be destroyed.. Some are a collectors dream... Click on the icon...BILL Vil ha inn flere vpen - Innenriks -

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    So they think that taking the guns away from the people will help?! This puts innocent lives in danger and the crack heads only need to find a new way to obtain weapons! If they're going to take all of the weapons that could hurt people away then they might as well take away all of the shovels and forks as well. IT DOESN'T TAKE A GUN TO KILL PEOPLE!!

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Norwegian could sell those WW2 weapons to collectors and send the money for charity...

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Quote by ChrisG43 View Post
    Unfortunately the only folks affected by "hard gun laws" are innocent law abiding citizens, the true criminals and thugs will continue to obtain weapons illegally no matter what the laws are. Hard line gun laws only result in more crime....
    YouTube - Myth: Gun Control Reduces Crime

    Excellent link Chris! Sadly here in the UK it's almost illegal to say the 'G' word! Unless of course your a rich upper class citizen!

    I went metal detecting last week, and found a few spent casings... all of which were BLANKS anyway! But the police stopped me as I was walking back to my car. I was carrying my metal detector, a spade, and two satchels containing a couple of digging tools and my finds.

    After explaining what I had been doing, they asked what was in my satchels. I told them about my digging tools, but not about the spent casings - which of course were simply twisted old pieces of brass - I knew they'd confiscate them! No way I was letting that happen!

    Secondly, would they have stopped a middle aged gentleman? I very much doubt it! Simply because I'm a young lad (26) I'm somehow tied to the scumbag hooligans of the same age group! It really ticks me off!!

    Anyway.... rant over! It just saddens me that Great Britain suddenly ain't so 'Great' anymore!

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Hmmmm...the adage "Out of sight (and I mean every one's sight), out of mind" ...comes to mind.
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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Although all countries seem to have wpn amnesty's of sorts it is wrong to think that the Police do not invite museum representatives to view items before destruction. Also individuals do have the choice of deactivation before handing in - even in Norway. So yes it does seem a shame that collectors do not get the opportunity to buy and therefore save these pieces but how many ex-German occupation wpns remain in Norwegian official hands - thousands. Nothing there is rare really but as a collector myself it is an unpleasant thought. Of course for an official organisation to sell is impossible when the individual has freely handed the piece in, although I have known 2 cases where individuals have offered rare pieces and museums have stepped in with police blessing. Its a shame but whatever we say - it will continue.

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Quote by cabbell2207 View Post
    Wfrad, spoken by someone who has never had any experience with firearms.
    cabbell2207-Wrong! serving in the British army gives you some experience with firearms, also respect for them.
    Unfortunately ChrisG43 is correct in saying that it's the innocent law abiding that get's it in the neck while the criminals get a slap on the wrist instead of a being put down.

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    This destroying of historical firearms is paramount to sacrilege!! I am sick and tired of people advocating the destruction of guns for the goodwill of all mankind. What a load of B.S!! These laws are always targeted at the legal firearm owners who are easily found due to being registered while the criminal element continues along their merry way with impunity. Although the UK has banned ownership of most weapons, in London alone ( a few years back) there was a pool of almost a million illegal firearms in the hands of criminals. As everywhere else in the world, these draconian gun laws have done nothing to curb weapons related crimes, it has merely disallowed the public the right to self defense. The efforts of the police force would be better put to use finding these illegal guns instead of hassling law abiding citizens. Besides, we all know guns don't kill - it's the fool behind the gun, or knife, or car, or whatever else is handy!
    Sorry for the rant, but I have recently had to hand in some weapons for destruction because of all these new laws and it still hurts. I own a revolver for self defense and have never had to use it in the 15 years that I have carried it, but I like to know that if I ever need it (as a final resort to save my or my family's lives) I have it.
    Due to financial constraints I was unable to afford the deactivation of most of my firearms except for a couple. What a waste!!

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Sorry to hear about your guns having to be destroyed Tom, the law’s an ass and will never change.
    I agree that destroying historical firearms is sacrilege and you’re right that it’s always far easier to hit the law abiding than the criminal.
    Self defence doesn’t exist in the UK, a burglar can beat an old man senseless and will more than likely get community service because he was drunk at the time, whilst if the same old man beat the burglar senseless he would probably get time because he was a ninety five years old and sober.
    I believe having guns freely available in the UK would only help criminals more than your average law abiding individual due to the way our ‘betters’ view the law, criminals have rights!! The rest of us don’t appear to have.
    Take the case of the farmer who shot a toe-rag and lost everything, the innocent person who turns is not protected in reality whilst the b******* who persecute them cry foul and sue.
    Again as you say it’s not the guns but the morons handling them.
    Carrying a gun or knife used to be automatic prison, murder used to be twenty years plus.
    Now carrying a knife or gun is a status symbol and the sentence for murdering someone can be less than five years, where the deterrent in that?
    I agree that for places like America and Africa hard line gun laws would be impossible to implement because of the weapons already in circulation, here however I believe we still have a chance to avoid following down the path of every householder owning a gun for self protection.

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Back in the late 60's the BATF declared an amnesty period for "illegal" weapons here in the US. At that time I had a couple of "unsavory" guns. One was an MP-40 and the other was an H&R .410 "HANDY-GUN".

    A good friend of mine also had a .410 "HANDY-GUN". For those of you unfamiliar with those, they were nothing more than than a top-break pistol. However they were smooth bore and fell under the heading of short barreled weapons even though they were never produced other than in pistol configuration.

    My friend filled out the paperwork to have the gun classified as a "curio" and registered as such. Several months after submitting the paperwork, 2 BATF punks showed up at his house and demanded to see the pistol. After some discussion, they allowed they were there to confiscate the gun. My friend, told them they could have it after he was done with it. He proceeded to hammer it flat with a 16 lb sledge hammer, gave the pieces to the agents and told them to shove it where the sun didn't shine.

    The agents were somewhat peeved and he still thinks to this day that one of them wanted the gun for his own personal collection.

    My guns found a new home outside of the loop and I have no idea where one resides now as that was over 30 years ago that I sent them down the road. The MP-40 was given to a Texas Ranger to do with as he pleased.

    Some day when I feel like typing more, I can tell you a funny story about an M-2 carbine that was dropped off at my shop for repair one afternoon.

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    Angry Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    It's madness!!

    We've just had an amnesty here in Denmark aswell..Was the same and mp dating back to ww2, a few old handguns and a handful of shotguns

    A strict gunlaw ONLY benefits the criminals...One lawabiding citizen at a time!

    The thing here is.
    We see more and more shootings between young native danish groups and muslim immigrants.
    Compared to how few people we are here, 5 mill., It's horrendus to see and read on a daily basis that now theres been shooting in or near this and this ghetto!
    Police wont go, firedept's wont go, busses are re-directed.

    Often the inhabitants of the ghetto in question deliberatly starts a fire, calls the fire dept. and then ambushes the firefighters when they arrive!
    When schools are closed for holidays we, again, see the ghettos surroundings being thrashed, cars burned, kindergradens and such set a blaze.

    Latest we had a priest harrassed off his church and private residence near by...Guess which inhabitants did that..Can tell it was'nt the vietnamese boat refugees that came back in the late 70'ties...neither the burmese og srilankan's...

    It's off topic a bit but still it's connected.

    Last year there was this family coming home to find their dog infront of a bookcase..on top the burgler was sitting..shaking and being bitten in his behind!
    Guess who got charged with not having his dog under control!
    Thats Denmark is for you!

    Seriously considering immigrating myself.
    Read that a white southafrican guy got asylum in Canada...the reason being him NOT being safe, as a white, in SA.
    Mabe ill try that as I for one don't feel as safe in europe as i did just 10-15 or 20 years ago.
    At the same time im NOT allowed to protect myself, my wife/kid or our belonings.

    attatched is
    2 pics from the danish amnesty last summer and 2 pics from Paris, yes France Europe, winter 2009
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture WWII Weapons to be destroyed   WWII Weapons to be destroyed  

    Attached Images Attached Images WWII Weapons to be destroyed WWII Weapons to be destroyed 

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