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WWII Weapons to be destroyed

Article about: Weapons to be destroyed.. Some are a collectors dream... Click on the icon...BILL Vil ha inn flere vpen - Innenriks -

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    Quote by GasMasksUK View Post
    You are right, its a shame that this is done to so many nice weapons, but in the UK we have stupid laws to go along with our stupid leaders, sadly we arent the only part of the world like this I'd personally preffer that the weapons were kept under lock and key or in a museum, if that fails even deactivation would be better than destroying them completely.


    You are right about this, uk isnt the only country that does bad decisions, portugal is the n1 in europe in the leaderboard of stupid decisions, we had a huge ww2 weapons storage, (i mean thousands of weapons, helmets, tanks...)right on the place where we build the expo98, everything was melted or destroyed.
    A few years later a govermental comitee had regret on doing this, because now we have no american or german tank to be displayed as reminder or memorial.
    Best regards

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    All this stems from all the anti gun sentiment we are bombarded with daily from the anti gun lobbyists. Here in South Africa we are always told that more than 90% of illegal firearms originally were licensed guns that had been stolen. Truth of the matter is that in the year 2008-2009 the SA Police "lost" more than 2500 weapons in their possession. Weapons handed in to the SAP are then later found back in the pool of illegal guns because some corrupt official decided to make a few extra bucks. It makes me sick! How these people can see properly deactivated firearms as a threat is beyond my comprehension. I think the gun free nuts are simply taking it too far when even toy guns are targeted as being a threat. What boggles the mind even more is that governments take all this seriously and infringe upon our rights to own these beautiful pieces of history. It is certainly a sad world we live in.

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    GOOD GOD they have BOXES of mg42's!!!!
    if they dont want them so badly then ship em all to me ill give them a much better home than norway!!!!

    by the way, if they are such threats then howcome i have yet to see a taliban fighter shooting at american soldiers with lugers... this video makes me want to cry. they might as well mass execute kittens.

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Stupid is as Stupid does,,,what a bunch of retarded legislation,,,

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed


    Any one of those pieces would find warm and cozy places in our collections !

    This is just one more reminder that our 'rights and freedoms' are really just
    a myth. Criminals go unpunished. The victims get further victimized.
    If some low-life breaks into MY home, and I try to defend myself,
    I can be charged with 'assault' or worse.
    And if some low-life breaks in and steals MY gun, I get charged with "improper
    storage of a firearm" and fined $1000 - even if the S... has to bust down
    thousand dollar multi-locked vaulted doors and smash into a
    'theft-proof' multi-locked gun safe. There's justice for you !

    The Antis get in a snit when someone is killed in a gun crime, then the
    government feels has to do something righteous. They react by
    restricting and squeezing the law abiding gun owner because
    we are easy and willing 'targets'. It must be too much time
    and effort, or too unproductive to go after the bad guys
    and take their illegal guns !


    Just the thought of any one of these fine, historic weapons being
    prepared for the furnace makes me cringe !

    There's my rant...........Regards, Steve.

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    I know how you guys feel, while I was stationed in Buffalo N.Y. one of my collateral jobs was as a small arms instructor. During my time there a Fed.
    department that I wont name came down to the station and wanted 25 of there S&W and Colt snub nose revolvers destroyed, I had the job of using a cutting torch on them all. I had to cut the top strap, cylinder & frame. It made me sick. The reason for destroying them was they there getting semi auto's
    About 8 miles out in Lake Erie the Buffalo Police used to dump all there fire
    arms before they started incinerating them.

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    hey i live in erie! tell me where they dumped those guns and ill be glad to find them haha

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    WWII collector

    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Deleted for being insulting and inappropriate
    Last edited by Paul D; 05-31-2010 at 10:43 AM. Reason: Insulting and totally inappropriate comment

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    WWII collector

    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    and my note, was NOT a threat note -_-'

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    I am hoping you guys are not getting belligerent in yer old ages. But just enjoying the back and forth banter, that I love to come here for. And of course the information bank we all deposit and withdraw from.

    Best regards and wishes for a safe and Happy Memorial Day.

    Keeping it solemn for this one. Here is to those who paid the supreme sacrifice so that we could spar, be free and have the freedoms which we enjoy.


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