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WWII Weapons to be destroyed

Article about: Weapons to be destroyed.. Some are a collectors dream... Click on the icon...BILL Vil ha inn flere vpen - Innenriks -

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Quote by WWII collector View Post
    shut up you damn pig!

    on the other note: i now pissed at whoever is doing it! i would kill them if i had to! even if it involved ICBMs!
    How about calming down a bit? Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions on the matter on this forum, myself and I'm sure the majority of all the other members respect these opinions even if they arent the same as ours. At the end of the day these are weapons and are designed for purely one thing only, killing. I do like firearms quite a lot, but I also believe that they should be strictly controlled to prevent them falling into the wrong hands even if this means destriying them.

    In the future you should present your evidence, voice your opinions and keep a cool head on the matter as this forum is one of the best ones there is, and I dont think anyone would like to see it go down the drain with stupid acts of agression.



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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Right brother. I am with you and I concur. This is what we are all in it for...

    Have a great one and cheers,


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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Quote by Jager1945 View Post
    I am hoping you guys are not getting belligerent in yer old ages. But just enjoying the back and forth banter, that I love to come here for. And of course the information bank we all deposit and withdraw from.

    Best regards and wishes for a safe and Happy Memorial Day.

    Keeping it solemn for this one. Here is to those who paid the supreme sacrifice so that we could spar, be free and have the freedoms which we enjoy.

    Thanks for that one, Jaeger !

    I understand the reasoning, but it makes most of us here just plain sick to see wanton destruction of the things a lot of us in the Forum truly love, and would have loved to have had a chance of acquiring, if we were given that chance,
    instead of them simply being wasted.....


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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    What you say is very true. I hate to see wanton destruction of history and vow to preserve it and do my part whenever and where ever I can.

    Das Absolutemas stimmt.

    Most of us concur.



    P.S. Look at my and others
    posts in this steam for coroboration.

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Well this kind of destruction was very common in Finland after the WW II and till 1980-ties. Absolutely fabulous guns and aircraft were destroyed, starting from FAF Me 109 Gs to Brewsters and Ju 88s. Huge mounts of smallarms were sold with the price of metal to USA or changed to crap like Sten-submashine guns. There went Lewis-mashineguns, Chauchat-lmgs, most of Terni - 7.35 Carcanorifles, Bergmann smgs, finnish Linfelf smgs ( copy of Bergmann m28 ) and first prototypes of Suomi smgs - which are now in Germany - I recall. During 1980-ties FA finally started to think that there might be loose money in these guns and started to sell them to finnish collectors. But anyway same time a lot and lot of damage was still done. Automaticpistols and rifles were sold as a lots to abroad - just littele or with no checking at all - so there went away really many intresting samples of guns. Forinstance many ex-Estonian army rifles which were captured from Sovjets and stamped as property of FA with SA-stamp - this just as a sample. Tens of ultra-rare Lahti aircraft mashineguns were cut in pieces in Turku Navalstation - and when I asked for permission even to save one frame or frame cut in two - they were cut in such manner there was nothing to be saved. Nowerdays the frame would be worth thousands € . I think Breda SAFAt 12,7 mm aircraft guns went same way with their deck mounts to MTBs. I dont know if anyone has ever even seen one - I saw them there were five of them at Turku in 1982. Lahti mgs ( not Lahti m/26 lmgs) were used as subcaliberguns with Bofors 40/60 on Nuoli-class FACG during 1980-ties. Now finally when FA realised that old iron is worth something - there is little to be sold left. Artillery is cut to pieces - some sold, aircraft are all vanished, tanks - most T-34s , T-26s and so shot to pieces - luckyly most of PzKw IVs and Stugs remain and have been sold with great mounts of money. Think that we had tens of Me 109 Gs left in the beginning of 1960-ties. One can hope that people messing with guns in Armies and Police forces would have learned something from this, but I know they have not and they will not. Just like commader of finnish police gunsdepot once said to me: I rather melt down all ex-FA FN Mle1910/22-pistols than sell even one slide from them to collectors. So BTW has anyone ever sen one ex-FA FN 1910/22 with SA-stamp? I have seen one during my life of 48 years - there used to be close 2 500 of them - once.

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    Seeing any guns destroyed makes me cry, but this is especially bad.

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    criminal waste of highly sought after rare items the mp40 had almost all of its blueing still the mg 42 was near mint from what i could see they should deff be placed in museums as to the guy sleeping better tonight well guns dont kill people on their own its the man behind the trigger that makes it fire

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    I understand what they are doing, but historic weapons?? its completely insane, it makes you cry seeing all this history being fed to the smelter
    just so polititians look good in the next vote campaign for destroying "dangerous" weapons, its not the firearms, but who uses them. these firearms should
    just have gotten deactivated, not melted. truely a sad day for relic lovers and firearms enthusiasts around the world. Glad i live in a country thats still sane.

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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    In Belgium there was also an amnesty for gun owners, You could bring in any kind of weapon with no questions asked.
    In principle a good deal, because there are a lot of people who are unwillingly armed, but couldn't bring in their weapons because they were illegal.
    !!!!!!NOW THE SCANDAL!!!!!!!!
    The junk was destroyed but the real good stuff dissapeared in the hands of collectors and dealers who payed good money to some police officers.
    And a number of policemen even added these guns (who were destined for destruction) to their own collections and ( unbelieveable) they were all freed of charges by the judges.


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    Default Re: WWII Weapons to be destroyed

    It is suspected that during the last UK hand gun ban, many of the weapons that were compulsory handed in for destruction, were sold onto the International arms market to help fund the compensation scheme. It was well publicised at the time that our Government hadn't realised how much it would cost the taxpayer. They knew there were X number of handguns to be handed in but they didn't realise that the owners had safes, cases, holsters, reloading gear and other ancilleries that were now redundent with next to no value.

    When I handed in my Brand New Hi-power, S&W revolver and Walther PP, I made sure that I got a fair value for all the ancilleries that I no longer had a need for. I then used about 90% of the compensation to buy a Deac STEN MK5, Jungle carbine, and a Vickers gun.

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