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ZB 26 interesting details.

Article about: I have been looking over this ZB26. Some interesting details. Waffenmarks and chickens on barrel. Interesting brown color chemical finish on internal components, looks like zero internal wea

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    Default Re: ZB 26 interesting details.

    Quote by m3bobby View Post
    I was refering to WW2 type weapons, the problem with the belt fed weapon system is that if you want to move with the gun loaded, you can only really have a belt of about 50 rounds ready to use, or else you drag a longer belt through the dirt/sand, then you would have to clean the belt before you can use it. The Mag fed weapon is less exposed to the dirt/sand but is short on rounds. I think both types have their pros and cons, hence why ZB and FN designed a MG which can use both systems. I've used the Bren L4, GPMG and mimimi, the latter 2 in the gulf and my personal opinion is the GPMG is pain in the butt to lug around but is awesome when you need to use it, the minimi is brilliant but a little short of bullet weight, the L4 Bren was a real nice gun to use but was getting on a bit when I used it.
    Ahh, but you see, thats not how the Germans used the MG42.
    There were not a single frantic gunner dragging a belt along the ground.
    The MG 42 concept and training were far more important and bigger concept in the German Army than in other armies.
    The MG was so important weapon to the Germans, that they had not only many of them but also a whole crew to carry and serve the individual MG.
    The idea of a lone MG gunner with a hotchpotch of equipment and a dragging belt along the ground is a fallacy.

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    in my opinion the idea of having a crew to serve the gun is a bit of a draw back in some situations. I dont know how a MG42 crew operated but could they get up and move in a second or did they have to pack kit/break ammo belts etc. I liked the old L4 because it could use the normal rifle mag if you ran out or the infantryman could use the L4 mag if they ran out.

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    To most people not versed in how well the German MG crews worked, the concept might seem alien.
    Most allied forces used other principles. From the Great War, US forces were used to the 'Walking Fire' principle using amongst other weapons, the BAR.
    The US Army used the MG to support riflemen, not so the Germans. Here the MG was a bigger priority,which showed in more MGs per platoon and the aforementioned MG serving crews.
    The German MG crews were well trained and very competent.
    A well oiled and highly efficient fighting machine.

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    Quote by Scout View Post
    Again an iconic MG profile.
    Just a stray thought; I wonder if the users ever longed for a belt fed MG instead......
    I don't know if any of you chaps have a copy of Folke Myrvangs German Universal Machineguns, Vol 2 but it seems that the Czechs did long for a belt fed, and during the war made 4 prototypes of zb26s and zb30s that were converted to belt feed, some great pics of zbs with gurttrommel attached! Nowever the Germans weren't impressed and it went no further, very interesting. Jonathan.

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    Default Re: ZB 26 interesting details.

    I sure dont, but very interesting info.
    Thanks for the input.
    Puts the subject into perspective.

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    I am collecting all things ZB26 related, for this display, so if you have cool parts, accessories in your collection - feel free to post pics. - also if anyone has some cool wartime pics of the ZB26 - I am very interested in those too - feel free to post. I think anyone using the forum for a reference will find this post.
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    Interesting piece on a very long serving ZB30 -


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    Quote by m3bobby View Post
    The markings are perfectly normal, nothing out of the ordinary there, the Germans used thousands of them. Also the colour is perfectly fine too, the finish the Brno factory used does go a nice plum colour. This is one of my ZB39s, this one is a real nice plum colour but it dosn't really show in the photo.

    Why is there Russian on it?

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    Default Re: ZB 26 interesting details.

    Hi Mo, re - read post 4 by Chris.

    It is Bulgarian.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Thanks to a gentleman on this forum, I have sourced some incredibly rare parts for my ZB26 - a source that is proving to be a goldmine of accessories and awesome goodies - this will not be a quick fix, but a lot better than converting Bren parts.
    Watch this space - they required an in country interpreter and some wheeler dealing, may still require some customs tinkering, but that is the fun of this isn't it?

    Great forum.

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