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ZB 26 interesting details.

Article about: I have been looking over this ZB26. Some interesting details. Waffenmarks and chickens on barrel. Interesting brown color chemical finish on internal components, looks like zero internal wea

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    I can see the two Brit revolvers, but not this one; Attachment 416561

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    Ha, they're the same link - just a picture to make the post less dull.
    Those are the storyboards to the tank chase from Indy 3.
    Shot in Almeria, Spain - the same place these hard to find ZB parts are coming from.


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    ......and what a mix-up of guns, 'The Last Crusade' was - somebody didnt do his job on that one.

    Webley models change inexplicably and upside down Berettas are used for a Villar-Perosa.

    Only highlight was the MP28 - a favourite of mine.

    (still like the use of the prototype airplane in the original Indy movie - like something out of Luft46. I wonder which airplane geek came up with that excellent idea.).

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    Thank goodness for the Phoenix SAR show - I found a ZB-26 buttplate, with parts!!!!!!!!!
    $20.00 - so no ordering weird FAO parts from Spain, or worrying about importing, customs, exchange rates.
    There it was, in a box of rusty Czech parts - rocking!!!!!!!

    fitted right onto the stock, has the strange little spring take-up, when you shoulder it - interesting design.
    (I believe the ZB26 had butt-plates with both shoulder brace and without - an expert is welcome to chime in, here.)

    Thought it was Bren parts, then looked closer - isn"t it fun when that happens?

    ZB 26 interesting details.
    It looks a bit rough in this pic - I oiled it down and it looks great now - should have photographed it afterward.

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    Well done Pit.

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