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Zombie Attack!

Article about: One of your buddies must surely be your brother at the very least!

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    Default Zombie Attack!

    My two best friends and I got together this past weekend. We all used to all live locally, but now live quite far from each other. In fact, one of my buddies works in Florence, Italy and is only around twice a year.

    We all appreciate World War II history... and we probably wouldn't admit this in person... but we all like those famous zombie movies and the Nazi Zombie mode in Call of Duty videogames.

    We had a fun weekend. I hope you enjoy our photos/ videos!

    Zombie Attack!Zombie Attack!Zombie Attack!Zombie Attack!Zombie Attack!Zombie Attack!Zombie Attack!Zombie Attack!

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    Who doesn't like Nazi Zombies? My personal best was 38 on 'Kino der Untoten'.

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    Default Re: Zombie Attack!

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    No words can describe how jealous I am hahaha.


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    Thanks guys, it was a lot of fun! Of course safety is always a top concern when we are at the range... but we had a little more fun this time around.

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    If you watch my first vid, you'll notice that my buddy gets his pinky finger caught between the bolt handle and rear sight of the M1903A3 when operating the bolt after the 3rd shot... It ripped his pinky nail right off... OUCH! Possibly the first time that rifle has drawn blood since WWII

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    Looks like a lot of fun, Joe!! How did the PU work out?
    COL, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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    You sure showed that no-legged zombie who's boss

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    Love the sound and feel of .30-06 . . . Thanks for posting. Had my Garand out recently, but no video...

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    Very nice. Looks like fun.

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