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2013 'Best Finds" thread. Come on then, let's have them out!

Article about: OK fellow Non-German Specialist collectors, let's see those best finds for 2013! Come on, let's see them!

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    Hi Cammobunker, I really like the Tap 56, the ENT 174 relates to an engineering plant that under took the reconfiguration of the M51 to M56 specifications and this is their marking. This is a scarce marking, I have two such shells, but they do not have the marking or at least the stamps were overpainted. Cool find

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    A flea market find. Finnish issued Hungarian M38 from ww2.
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    If not choosing among my German helmets, this was my best helmet grouping of the year. 13 Swedish helmets, mostly of them M21's and some M26's. Surplus buy from museum.

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    I seem to have bought a fair number of helmets over the year, but many seem to have disappeared into the undifferentiated heaps lodged in corners about the house. (What's the bloody point? I ask myself on dark and stormy nights, of which there have ben several recently.)

    Anyway, from memory the acquisitions include -

    several composites (which all look the same from the side stacked up and I haven't the will to sort them out right now)
    several French mle51 including an uncommon Menasa shell&liner combo
    some UK GSMk6 (searching for the really early ones)
    two or three Dutch 'Zuckerman' rebuilds
    yet another first pattern British Helmet Parachutists Light Weight (I'm going for The Set)
    four Romanian ssh40
    a Dutch M16A (just the one...)
    Singaporean M1 clone

    and my Star Buy, a Swiss M54, which to be honest I had never heard of until I saw the Ebay listing and checked it up. The seller turned out to be John (JBR) from here, which was a small pleasure in itself, though I cannot understand why he did not want to keep such an interesting and genuinely uncommon helmet for himself! I am also shamelessly using John's original Ebay pics here. (John, if you're reading this, did you get the reply I sent you after your message through Ebay?)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	swiss.png 
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    I look forward to seeing the French mle51 Menesa shell & liner combo Greg, I have a couple of the Menesa liners myself but no matching shells. Also out of further interest are the Menesa model chinstraps attached by rivets or sewn, fixed bale I assume also?

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