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Another Swedish Helmet

Article about: SAM_6463.jpg Another Swedish Helmet from same yard sale. No decals but has a stamp on inside brim. Any info, rarity? Thanks again. Nicole

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    Default Another Swedish Helmet

    SAM_6463.jpgAnother Swedish HelmetAnother Swedish HelmetAnother Swedish HelmetAnother Swedish Helmet

    Another Swedish Helmet from same yard sale. No decals but has a stamp on inside brim. Any info, rarity? Thanks again.

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    Civil defense post war reissue m26.
    Looking for following WWII German items:
    - anything dealing with Allenstein (Olsztyn) and Wehrkreis I in East Prussia,
    - entrenching tool carrier (straight and folding),
    - forestry and hunting items,

    Polish Militaria 1914-1945 -
    GTA Militaria - Discussions and Sales -

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    I found myself wondering exactly what the "Luftskyddsinspektionen" (the 'LI' in your shell) was, having had a vague idea for years that it was some sort of Civil Defence organisation. Which indeed it appears to be. And apart from confirming that my searches produced the following, posted on this forum in 2009 by Swedish member Engman. I do hope copying it here will be helpful and not outrage sensibility. Its a very useful post ;

    Engman wrote -

    "66, 69 and 72 are the sizes of the helmets in centimeters. With the m/37 helmet a fourth size was introduced, 75.

    What one usually comes across are size 66 and 72 as they weren't used as much as the normal-sized 69 shells.

    The m/21 helmets stayed in the Home Guard until about the 70ies.

    The m/26 helmets are marked with LI, which means they aren't military helmets. LI stands for Luftskyddsinspektionen, which directly translated means "air protection inspection". LI was the predecessor to the Swedish Civil Defence.

    The m/26 helmet wasn't at all used by the Swedish army before the second world war. The only military unit that used them was the Coastal Artillery (a part of the navy).

    However when the war came Sweden was to mobilise half a million men, and there was a shortage of helmets, so m/26 helmets started to be used by the army as well.

    A military m/26 will most likely have a decal on the side.

    In picture 2806 there's a large stamp:
    Swedish single crown (replace by three crowns in ~1942)
    Below it says Ing, that means engineering corp, after that there's number that says which corp.
    Below that is a year, 19--, that's the year the corp revieved the helmet.

    One helmet has I1 painted in the shell. That means Infanteriregemente 1, Infantry regiment 1, Svea Livgarde (Life Guards).

    In the m/21 helmets the regiment number was usually stamped in the leather pads of the liner.

    The helmet decal with the three crowns was adopted in 1942 and was to be applied to all military helmets.

    Most of the m/21 helmets were re-painted during WW2, and most had their liners replaced. Usually at least the chin strap has been replaced."

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