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Argentinean M-1 Clone Maybe?

Article about: Just arrived yesterday, some of you may have seen this helmet on eBay. The chin strap caught my attention so I grabbed it up in hopes that it might be an Argentinean M-1 as we do not have on

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    Default Re: Argentinean M-1 Clone Maybe?

    There's a similar catch on a US M1 on the pottokokoelma site:

    No text, 'though. Regards, John

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    Default Re: Argentinean M-1 Clone Maybe?

    I must apologize for not participating in the latest commets to this thread, for some reason my notifications for this thread are not working......but anyway!

    Quote by Greg Pickersgill View Post
    , but in fact the catch from an element of US-issue webbing. This would imply that some sort of make do and mend has taken place with these helmets, where the damaged chinstraps have been replaced by whatever is to hand and works.
    Greg, great news that you've come across others that have recognized this chin strap configuration and it seems the consensus is a US made "repair kit" of sorts? Sounds good. I would have to assume than that these chin strap kits were made available to others as ours is attached to a clone shell.

    Andy, great eye, good to see there is at least one other of thest things floating around. I see that the helmet has been sold but I want ahead and sent a message to the seller asking if the shell was in fact a heat stamped US M-1 or a clone shell. Hopefully I will get a responce and will help solve the puzzle, or make it more puzzling, one of the other...


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    Default MERRIL'S MAURAUDERS movie 1962 filmed in the Philippines

    I remember seeing this unusual type of hardware on the chin straps in the movie MERRIL'S MAURAUDERS filmed in 1962 on location in the Philippines, notice actor Jeff Chandler's helmet strap has that same type of buckle? I think it's possible they borrowed helmets from the Philippine Army to use in making this movie? maybe thats where the helmets came from? because they would have used US helmets and made replacement chin straps to replace worn chin straps
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Argentinean M-1 Clone Maybe?   Argentinean M-1 Clone Maybe?  

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    a great film battlegear it was played over the xmas period here in the uk

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    Quote by James C View Post
    a great film battlegear it was played over the xmas period here in the uk
    it's one of my favorite WWII war movies, I also really liked a movie called "Objective Burma" with Errol Flynn , lots of nice original WWII paratrooper gear was used in that movie, also some interesting scenes when they have K rations

    I have all the classic war movies in my movie collection

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    good stuff mate

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