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Austrian M75

Article about: I just traded my friend 5 or so modern military patches for this helmet, most all the paint has either peeled off or it had been repainted once before and that is gone. Thanks for looking at

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    Hi all!!!
    A few pic's of one of my Austrian M 75 Stalhelm its slightly different to all the others that I have in that the flaps are perforated!! also the adjustment is made by moving a snap with three positions (normal on my others is plastic slide) the snaps mfr is PRYM ...on the liner is a has nice HBA mark dated 1977 ... the only marks I can find on the shell are the almost obliterated painted ones but look similar to R.M. ones I have seen online elsewhere... chin strap is typical Austrian stitched on type.. I have 5 m75 in total in my collection.. two of them have the liner clips!! and one is mint unissued!!! although the liner plastic may have been fitted with new leather as it has some real scuffing, one has a stamp on the under side of front seam edge (which I guess is a late shell as its dated with U 81 another detail I haven't seen and the reason for buying it !!! ). cover is made from an old Austrian dot camo zeltbhan and is reversible to Austrian sumpftarn helmet net is original Austrian issue with the thin elastic band.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Austrian M75   Austrian M75  

    Austrian M75   Austrian M75  

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    That's very interesting. I am glad you pointed all this out; I hadn;t ever properly grasped these important detail points even though its all right there on Joseba's page for the M75 (I've just looked, I can't claim to have 'known' that in any meaningful way!). This is a real reason to tunnel through my helmet heaps and get my various examples out for a bit of the compare&contrast. Its a bit scary to think there are even more variants - still haven't located one without the fabric crown straps yet. Unless of course I have had one all along and haven't noticed. That's even more scary - being out of touch with one's collection is always Bad.

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    very nice example austro mungai never realised there was a perforated liner finger variation so thanks for enlightening me ,here is my stahlhelm 1 with cover and netting with elasticated band Austrian M75Austrian M75Austrian M75Austrian M75
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    Very interresting thread about the Stahlhelm !
    Some times ago I wrote about both the Bundeswehr and Bundesheer M1 helmets here .

    The Bundeswehr M1 Helmet - Militaria Forums

    The Austrian Bundesheer M1 Helmet - Militaria Forums

    Here you will find more information

    Best regards


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    Oh, superb links, thank you Bernhard! I am guessing you are the same Bernhard who emailed me *years* ago with the info I quoted in an earlier posting. In which case, thanks again! I'm going to spend a good while going through your postings in detail.

    As an aside, I must say that I do find that because subjects spring up again and again in completely different threads on Warrelics its quite hard - harder than it ought to be - to follow any specific line of research. There ought to be a way of rationalising this, but I can;t think of it right away, as I need to go and look at a heap of Bundesheer helmets.

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    I think the only way Greg would be to go through all the threads concerning these helmets pull out the reliant information wanted + images and recompile it in a new thread with the many variations.

    Regards Mark
    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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    Super info on the Bundeswehr Helmets Bernhard!!!
    but now I have a problem with one of my "Austrian" M1 clone helmets!! in that it appears to be an Bundeswehr makers mark in the crown, but it has Austrian double chin strap clips and outside surface is sprayed in Austrian M75 Grey!!!??? I bought it as Austrian M75 and it came with a marked Austrian HBA 1977 perforated finger leather headband liner!!!?????
    so the question is did the Austrians get hold of a Bundeswehr shell and rework it!!???!!!! also I just noticed(while taking these pics) the rear seam is way out of line all my Austrian helmets are pretty much dead centre !!!
    any ideas??
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Austrian M75   Austrian M75  

    Austrian M75   Austrian M75  

    Austrian M75  

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    Well, that's a *wow* helmet, austro! A very interesting thing, that may be one more piece of evidence that nothing is impossible. You idea, on the face of it, seems very plausible.

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    PM sent for James C but your inbox is full...

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    That is indeed a very , very unusual helmet that I have not the slightest idea of how this german
    shell made it into the austrian supply system.
    Interresting !

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