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Austrian M75

Article about: I just traded my friend 5 or so modern military patches for this helmet, most all the paint has either peeled off or it had been repainted once before and that is gone. Thanks for looking at

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    Following on from my last post. This M57's shell has been over painted in silver and features the ball and buckle chinstrap attachment. It's liner is also interesting. It has the 1965 rank decals for a Warrant officer 2nd Class and is dated 1958. The previous owner said it was for Motorrad Dienst.

    Austrian M75

    Austrian M75

    Austrian M75

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    Default Interesting late dated Dispatch rider‘s liner

    Austrian M75

    Austrian M75

    Here is a little something I picked up and am quite happy with. So what do we have here? At first it looks like a standard M75 Kradfahrer helmet... but there are a few twists. Those with eagle eyes might notice them. The guy it came from also had an earlier standardised version.

    Well, the liner is a large size and has been professionally fitted to a standard combat liner! It shows a few field repairs to the skirt which is grey leather rather than green, again all professionally done, not doubt by the QM. It‘s 96 dated. I have seen from standard helmets how resourseful the QM was, making the best of the equipment they had, although I didn‘t know that concerned these DR liners aswell.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

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    Here is my new member of the collection: Austrian M75.....
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Austrian M75   Austrian M75  

    Austrian M75   Austrian M75  

    Austrian M75  

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    I wonder if this M75 was used for re-enactment as the Chinstrap looks to be US 1940's period
    Regards James

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    Quote by James C View Post
    I wonder if this M75 was used for re-enactment as the Chinstrap looks to be US 1940's period
    reproduction one at that

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    Default Something for the weekend.

    It‘s been a bit quiet here recently so I thought I would share something... an Austrian honour guard‘s helmet. These are worn on ceremonial occasions such as when the head of state is present or dignitaries are visiting the country.

    Austrian M75

    Austrian M75

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    I've had the guys on from the Guinness Book of Records...apparently there's been a record gap in the posts about this most interesting helmet........

    'just sayin'


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